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Random Thoughts

26 August 2005

one whole week of vacation!

i decided it was time for me to use up some of the vacation days that i had stored up for so long while working at alcatel. since i'm not really a vacation person, and i only take vacation days one day at a time, i had saved up about 15 days. so, i figured that i might as well use some of them!

i have no idea what i'm going to do next week, but i'm sure going to enjoy sleeping in every day!

24 August 2005

keele and bloor ... i'm going to miss you

if my condo developer manages to stick to the schedule, i'll be moving in 6 months from now. which means, my time here in the west end of the city is coming to an end.

when i first moved out of my parents place, i always wondered how life would be like so far away from north scarborough, where i grew up. i made a point of choosing my new digs far, far away from the familiar streets of agincourt, in order to get a better appreciation for this great city. when i first arrived here, i didn't know any people, didn't know the neighbourhood, didn't know where the good restaurants were.

after a little more than two years, i can say that i'm glad i chose high park ... it's got to be one of the nicest neighbourhoods in toronto to live in. to the adventurous who've lived their entire lives in the same neighbourhood, i'd recommend spending a year or two living in a completely different part of town. it's almost like moving to a new city, but without the hassle!

i'd love to move back here someday in the future ...

22 August 2005

back on the links ... am i stretching myself too thin?

after the marathon dragonboating session on saturday, i, for some reason, didn't take it easy on sunday. nope, i drove all the way out to whitby for golf lessons, at whispering ridge. it was organized by cindy and the lessons seemed to be quite inexpensive, so i decided what the heck.

i haven't swung a golf club in over 3 years, and it showed. it took me quite some time before i was able to get comfortable off the tee. after the lesson, we went to play 18 holes and it got so bad that i stopped keeping track of my score after the second hole. generally, if my score for any given hole was less than or equal to double that of par, i was satisfied. that's how horribly bad i am.

on another note, i'm wondering if i'm signing up for too many activities and stretching myself too thin. the other problem is that with so many activities going on, it's hard for me to actually become good at any of them. there are only so many hours in the day.

21 August 2005

my first dragonboating competition!

yesterday, we drove over 2 hours to london for our team's second dragonboating competition of the year, and my first! (i couldn't make it to the first one in woodstock.) seeing as how there were massive floods in toronto on friday caused by freak thunderstorms, we were hoping that the weather would co-operate. and fortunately, it did. only a few drops came down, and it wasn't too hot or too cold.

we had a total of 4 races, and the first 2 races determined our division for the last two races. we wound up placing in division C, and then put together two great races of approximately 2:20 for 500m. we finished second in our division and got a spiffy-looking silver medal with the words "London Dragon Boat Race 2005" around the outside. neat!

since i was so tired, i nearly fell asleep while driving home. it's important to have someone with you in the car, so that you have someone to talk to during that long car ride.

and now, the aftermath ... i woke up this morning and my body was sore from head to toe. that 2:20 didn't come easy ...

12 August 2005

the number of the day is ... one oh two point one

take a wild guess as to what the number of the day refers to. no, it doesn't refer to my favourite radio station, nor does it refer to my body temperature the last time i had a fever.

give up? it refers to the price of regular unleaded gas, in cents per litre, around midnight tonight, at the petro-canada on the corner of keele and bloor. i've often wondered when triple-digit gasoline prices would arrive in toronto, and it happened a lot sonner than i had expected.

of course, this brings up the natural questions regarding environmental sustainability - how high would gas prices have to be before i would have to give up my car? since my lifestyle is so car-dependent, and since i can afford it, i think gas prices would have to go up to about $2.50/litre before i would have to seriously consider a change to my driving habits.

things are only going to get worse as the world's finite non-renewable crude oil reserves deplete. i hope that in 10 years, when it comes time for me to buy a new car, there is a much wider range of hybrid vehicles available on the market. the federal government should also take a leading role by providing significant financial incentives for purchasers of hybrid vehicles.

09 August 2005

rough waters on lake ontario, and other dragon boating tidbits

just got back from dragon boating practice tonight and the waves were quite high. twice, the waves came over the edge of the boat and splashed us!

when i told my sis about my dragon boating team, her first comment was something regarding the "polluted lake ontario waters" and how i'd be lucky if my skin didn't turn green after practice (or something to that effect). we've all heard stories about how polluted the water in the harbour is, but i think the actual pollution is slightly over-exaggerated. granted, i wouldn't drink the water, but i don't think anything bad is going to happen if you dip your hand in. mind you, during our practices, a few drops of water DID manage to find their way into my mouth ...

i didn't participate in our team's race in woodstock this past saturday, but we were 19th out of 31 teams, which is a great result considering that our team consists mostly of newbies. the next race is on august 20th in london, and this time i will be participating. looking forward to it!

lastly, after 10 days back home, my sister returned to the west coast today. look forward to meeting you again soon!!

07 August 2005

a close call for my family

an interesting little tidbit about the air france accident at pearson airport last tuesday, august 2nd ... my sister arrived from vancouver on july 29th, and my dad returned from hong kong on august 7th. if that incident had occurred either a few days earlier, or a few days later, my sis's or dad's flights would have been seriously delayed or even cancelled. i guess we were very lucky.

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