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Random Thoughts

31 August 2004

goodbye yvonne

when i was growing up, i never expected the day would come when i would have to say goodbye to yvonne, my only sister. well, she's been accepted to the psychology department at ubc to do her master's and phd, starting next week, and her flight was scheduled for today.

when i got to the airport, i thought i would be ok, but then when it came time for yvonne to board, it was an emotional moment. i started to think back to the innocent days during our childhood, and the time we spent growing up together. sure, she's still in the same country, and she'll visit approximately every 6 months, but it just won't be the same without her around.

yvonne manages to brighten everyone's day, and her enthusiasm is infectious. she's managed to make a difference in so many people's lives, and i hope her research in the area of early childhood learning disabilities will benefit many, many children in the future. she also knows how to have fun (okay, maybe sometimes TOO much fun) and she's a great person to talk to ... we've spent countless hours talking to each other over the years, and the advice she has given me has always been thoughtful and valuable. she's been a source of inspiration to me over the years and i'm really proud to have her as a sister.

yvonne, good luck in the future and best wishes in pursuing your dreams. i believe in you!

22 August 2004

thanks guys

finally got around to watching collateral today. it's not as good as everyone made it out to be ... most of the movie focuses on the interplay between cruise and foxx's characters, and the suspense doesn't really start until the last half-hour ... i'd give the movie a passing score, but nothing more than average.

also, just wanted to say thanks to my bros vince, doug and thomas for their support and advice during a difficult time in my life that i'm going through right now. thanks guys.

21 August 2004

good old stu; or, poor korean bbq restaurant

at long last, we finally returned to the good old korean bbq restaurant at midland and finch after a 5-month hiatus. it's always great to return there, not just for the food, but just to see the old waterloo crowd again. time has really flown by - most of the people i know who are still at uw are either doing their phds or starting as profs!

anyways, good old stu came prepared this time by only eating a half-bag of potato chips and something else small (i can't remember the something else) for brunch. he, along with roy, shattered the old 3-hour mark, and established a new record of 3 hours and 10 minutes. (ashif was ill recently, or i'm sure he would have taken a run at the record as well.)

i've always wondered how the owners of the korean bbq place feel when they see stu walk in the door - i'd be quite surprised if they don't recognize him by now. the great thing about korean bbq is that there are no time limits on meals, like the ones enforced by the new japanese buffet places popping up in markham. it'd be hilarious (but also a real shame) if the restaurant created a new time limit just because of stu, roy and the others.

myself? i ate quite slowly (didn't have much of an appetite) and quit after 90 minutes. i'm clearly not in the same league as the waterloo carnivores ...

and lastly, stu has started scraping the grill again, just when i thought he had given it up! however, he doesn't scrape as thoroughly as he used to with the metal tongs. he only scrapes with his chopsticks and eats small pieces of charcoal ... but still ...

18 August 2004

the manchurian candidate

after hearing all the rave reviews about jonathan demme's remake of the manchurian candidate, i figured i had to go see it. so, i went after work today. all i can say is ... this is the best movie i've seen so far this year. it had me captivated from start to finish, and left me with a chilling, harrowing feeling at the end.

there's one thing i didn't understand about the movie, though:

***BEGIN SPOILER ALERT*** (i know this isn't much of a spoiler alert, but it will have to do)

how were shaw and marco able to break free of the hypnosis during the climax? the hypnosis seemed pretty effective in getting shaw to kill the senator and his daughter, and all this occurred AFTER shaw's implant had been removed by marco. it's quite possible that i missed something.


i guess i should also rank the movies i've seen so far this year: