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Random Thoughts

26 April 2005

boredom of spring

i haven't been up to much these days. not much has been going on at either work, or at home. part of it is because my mom and my sister went on vacation to hong kong this month. it's been almost 7 years since my last visit there and i wonder how all of my family and relatives are doing. although i wouldn't mind visiting again, i'd rather visit some other part of the world that i've never been to before. i've already been to hk four times and i've seen more or less all of the tourist attractions. a pan-asia tour would be nice, but i have no idea how much that would cost. since i'm going to have to save up a huge bundle of $$$ for my upcoming move into my new condo, such a trip probably isn't going to happen for at least a year.

my cousins from england, sherraine and anthony, visit hk a lot more frequently than we do, because flights from the uk to hk only cost 300 british pounds (that's about $700 canadian) for a round trip! that's crazy ... why are flights so cheap in the uk? i know the uk is SLIGHTLY closer to hk than toronto is, but that doesn't explain the massive price difference. on the other hand, londoners do pay sky-high prices for gasoline, rent and food. strange ...

18 April 2005

beautiful weather = time to get in shape

it was so nice outside that i went for a jog after work today. it's my first outdoor jog of the year ... one of the unfortunate things about living in canada is that it's only possible to jog outdoors during the warmer months.

today, i decided to forego my usual waterfront route for high park. the problem with high park is that there are a lot of hills. for an experienced jogger, the hills probably aren't a problem. however, i'm no experienced jogger. i was alright through the first 2km, but the last stretch on spring avenue, which was a steep uphill climb, was brutal. my chest and legs were on fire. i think i'll stick with the waterfront in the future. aiiiieeeeek!

12 April 2005

bookcrossing - what a great idea!

i just found out the other day what bookcrossing is all about! basically, it's a gathering where people bring their used books in exchange for other people's used books. it's great for book lovers as it allows people to share their books with other people instead of leaving them to gather dust on the bookshelf. best of all, it's totally free!

i went to my first bookcrossers meeting this evening, brought a few of my old books, and picked up two new (new to me, that is) books from others. it's a lot of fun and i'm looking forward to reading my new acquisitions. for more information on bookcrossing, click here.

10 April 2005

an excellent performance!

today was the big day, and i didn't feel nervous at all. during the warm-up 90 minutes before the start of the concert, i felt "on" and i knew that i was going to have no problems. the concert went great, and i did very well in all of my solos, except for one note which i failed to hit solidly. my voice sort of, umm, well, cracked before hitting that note. everyone in the choir noticed!! oh well. i'm really looking forward to listening to the recording to see if my little booboo was picked up by the microphones.

i had a wonderful time with the choir this term and it's too bad that some of the choir members will be graduating and moving on. the choir is full of great people and really, it's the people that make the choir what it is. to all the graduating members, i'd like to wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

i hate saying goodbyes ...

08 April 2005

back to work today

after taking 4 days to recover from my throat infection, i returned to work today. it was good to get back into the swing of things as i was getting quite bored wasting the day away at home. fortunately, not too much work had piled up on my desk while i was gone! as expected, i was the butt of various "cancun" jokes around the department. yes, i had a great time down in mexico! can't you see my beautiful tan? :)

earlier this evening, we had the dress rehearsal for our concert on sunday. it was my first time singing in quite some time, and i had no idea if my voice would hold up, given my recent illness. i could tell right away that i wasn't 100%. i tried to conserve my energy and save some strength for sunday, so i didn't go all-out during the practice. i think i'll be fine with another two days' rest.

05 April 2005

feeling a little unwell

just great. on monday morning, i had a horrible headache, my throat was super-sore and my body felt extremely hot. i called in sick to work and scheduled an appointment with my doctor today. so, i went to see the doc today and that cold i developed last weekend actually became a throat infection. argh! now i'm on antibiotics. at least they're in pill form instead of liquid form. i remember when i was small, whenever i was sick, i used to antibiotics which was yellow-coloured, milky with a nasty bananaish smell. i'm glad those days are long gone.

i also missed choir practice last night as i was in no condition to sing. this infection had better heal quickly because the concert is on sunday!! i have no idea if i'll be ready to go for the dress rehearsal on friday evening. gotta hope for the best.

03 April 2005

gotta stay away from dogs ...

i think i caught a cold yesterday cause my nose was running like crazy today. might have been the nasty wintry weather yesterday. anyways, i had lunch with vince at milestone's today. afterwards, went to ranil's place for some poker action, but i'm thinking that maybe i should call it quits in the future, not because of the poker, but because i think i'm allergic to ranil's dog. every time i go there, my eyes get watery, and i don't feel very comfortable at all. of course, this usually means that i don't do all that well. given that i already had a cold, the allergies just made things worse.

sorry ranil, nothing personal, but we'll have to do it elsewhere next time ...

01 April 2005

movie night: good will hunting

to all those who celebrate it: happy april fools day! however, so far in my life, i've never celebrated this day by playing the role of the prankster. nor have i ever been an april fools victim. maybe people in other countries take this "holiday" a little more seriously than we canadians do ...

anyways, i watched good will hunting tonight and i liked it more than a beautiful mind, which i watched last week. hmm ... adjacency matrices ... boy, did those bring back memories. i thought all of the actors did a great job, and some moments were quite hilarious as well. i would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

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