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You may think that having spent 7 years studying computer science makes me a web page design expert. Quite the contrary. I know next to nothing about webpage design, and this website proves it. I'm not willing to learn more about web design, because I just don't find it interesting. I used exactly one Windows application, Notepad, to put this webpage together. So this is what you get. I will, however, try to keep the site functional, so please notify me if you find any broken links.

I do find it ironic, though, that the more I learned about computer science, the more plain-looking my webpage became. Maybe I did learn something at Waterloo.

What You Won't Find On This Webpage

You won't find flashy intro pages. Nor will you find fancy graphics, animations, movies, sound effects, or MP3s. The fanciest downloads you'll find here are my photos from Europe in .jpg format.

You won't find cascading style sheets, whatever they are.

You won't find hit counters, guestbooks or message boards. If you want to send me a message, you'll have to do it via e-mail. If I get enough replies I might put them on a separate page.

You won't find fancy wallpapered backgrounds. In fact, you'll probably see a maximum of 4 different colours at any one time while on my webpage (not counting the pages with jpegs, of course).

You won't find annoying popups. Most people would consider this a good thing, though.

Anyone who needs professional help designing their personal or corporate web page should give Alfred Lee at a shout. Alfred makes his living designing webpages, and unlike me, he has artistic talent in spades.

Other people who know a thing a two about webpages are Yew Jin Lim and Michael Lee. Mike is a big fan of cascading style sheets (whatever they are), but does not have a personal webpage of his own yet. Sorry Mike, you aren't going to find any cascading style sheets here.

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