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My WebShot Albums
Canadian Gardening

Although I still consider myself an amateur, my family tells me my pictures are pretty descent.

I have a Nikon with a .. zoom. I've been playing with the camera now on and off for about 23 years. More so these past five years. I was playing with all the settings, not really knowing what I was doing, but liked the outcome. So I decided to do something about this and take a beginner's course to see what this camera is all about. 'Bout time eh? After my first class, I pretty much knew my camera. It was great. Now if I could only remember...

My most recent toy is a digital camera - a Canon Powershot G5. Got it for Xmas ('03) and have been playing with it since. My camera course really came in handy as far as knowing what all the settings are on my digital. It's so much more powerful than my manual. I love it, it's great. I'm anxiously waiting for spring/summer to roll around so that I may experience more with it in the garden. In the meantime, visit my current picture albums at WebShot.

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