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In Loving Memory of the Old Boy, Rex
July 1/89 - Nov. 23/04

a.k.a.: Rexi, Rexaloni, Rexibalony, Balony, The Labone,
Fats and Domino, Ini-Mini, Old Boy

Rexi was rescued from the pound in 1992. He had been found outside earlier in the week. He came to the front of the cage as if to say: Take ME, Take ME... and so we did. Not knowing his *true* age, we baptised him July 1/89 since they told us he was approximately 3 yrs old.

The Kiddo was estatic. How she had been wanting a cat... but she would soon find out that Rex would later on terrorise her... actually, earlier than later...LOL.

Rexi was a true people cat. He would greet our guests at the door, and be there to see them off. He made sure his presence was known... meow meow meow... hey, I'm down here, pet me.

He hung around with us... all the time. He didn't miss much. He would sit with us and our guests, and too bad for you if you got off your chair, cause it was now his... and it took a battle to get him off too!

Rex passed away peacefully on Tuesday, Nov. 23/04 at 11:10pm. He had throat cancer. The last week was quite painful for him to eat and drink. On Tuesday evening, he could no longer eat or drink, so we painfully made an unselfish decision and took him to the vet emergency. We spent 2 hours with him and finally let him go. His ashes will live with us in Mattawa.

We like to think that Rex had a good 12 years with us. He amused us and others, and we amused him. He loved his younger sisters Muffy and Miss Daisy. They also miss him dearly. In the end, we know the pain will pass, but we will never never forget him.

The rescue... his first day home.

The rescue... his first day home. He took over right away.

He just loved coming up on you and getting as much attention and petting as he possibly could. Reading was impossible at the table as he would just lie the front of his body on the paper.

If there was a piece of paper lying around, he was on it.

As said earlier, he use to sit with us all the time.

And then he would stick his tongue out at you... hehehe.

He always tried to convince us that he could fit in a box... He was a big guy weighing 20 lbs.

... and again...

... and taking a rest.

Oh boy, and then there was the "trip" on catnip... yahoooooo !!!

And how he totally hated being taken for more than a few seconds.

Christmas time was a favorite. He use to love to play and hide under the wrapping.