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Client: Chris Park's Taekwondo
Tools: Macromedia Director 7

My involvement with Martial Arts inspired me to produce and design this Cd-ROM. 3 weeks of research was conducted to collect information about history and philosophy of Martial Arts as well as 3 weeks of filming and editing.

6 weeks of development was spent to produce the Bata version. This Cd-Rom has certainely been one of the most meaningful projects that I diligently have participated in.

Client: West End YMCA
Tools: Macromedia Director 6.5

My Involvement with YMCA and varoius communities associated with Y, motivated me to didicate my school project to the YMCA. This Cd-Rom introduces services and possibilities that YMCA is offereing to our community. Several copies of this CD-ROM was distributed amongs west-end YMCA members in 1998.