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"Albert Greer as the Evangelist carried the largest solo text. He performed with an actor's ability to color his interpretation, spinning out the tale with sensitivity and sharp detail."
- Sobota, The Chronicle Journal

"Albert Greer as the Evangelist, a true story-teller, used his fine, clear, tenor voice to echo the mood of the story, with all its emotions of pity and terror. No singer in Canada does this better than Greer."
- Pederson, Halifax Chronicle Herald

"Albert Greer has never sung more beautifully nor more intelligently than on this occasion. He was the perfect narrator, concerned, but not involved, anxious to make his story clear to all who would listen, but never overstating his case."
- Siskind, The Citizen (Ottawa)

"Albert Greer sang this part with effortless fluency in a voice of such purity it took on all the shades and colours of compassion, remorse, urgency and resignation that a brilliant story-teller would use to make his tale touch our hearts."
- Pederson, Halifax Chronicle Herald

"Albert is a remarkable individual on several levels - a seasoned musical director of high professional standing, a director of choirs in Orillia and at York University, an inspired programmer, a gifted tenor soloist and recording artist, a dedicated teacher and a passionate human being whose zest for life is matched only by his abiding devotion to musical excellence."
- Choirs Ontario President's Leadership Award Nomination Supporters