Triumph Parts For Sale - TR3,TR3A,TR4,TR4A

After completing two projects I have several Triumph parts left over that I offer for sale here. Now that I am sure they are not needed for my cars I would like to see them get put to use and not sit around any longer. They are priced to sell and I will take any reasonable offer.

On this page you will find part for TR3/3A, TR4/4A, parts common to both TR3/3A and TR4/4A and other LBC parts.  Click on the links to jump straight down to the section you wish, or just scroll through all of them.

I have many other parts that have not been listed yet. If there is anything else TR3 or TR4 related you are looking for or if you are interested in any of the parts listed, email me at 
I am also looking for several parts to complete my cars (as if they are ever "complete").  
If you have any Triumph parts for sale, click here to see a list of the items I am looking to buy

Triumph TR4/TR4A parts for sale

Description (x Quantity)Condition
SOLD -----TR4/TR4A badge lettering Good
TR4/TR4A window cranks picture Good
TR4/TR4A door pull handles picture Good
TR4/TR4A inside door handles picture Good
TR4/TR4Aradiator picture as pulled
TR4/TR4A spring and spacer behind window crank picture Good
TR4A rear bumpergood
TR4 headlamp switch pictureexcellent
TR4A front bumperfair
TR4/TR4A bonnet latch picture very good
TR4/4A door panel (four of them) picture good
TR4/4A door (three of them with glass and all parts) picture picture need paint and minor repair
TR4/4A dash crash pads picture1 picture2 cracked vinyl (sell very cheap)
TR4A switch plinth (this is not the TR4 one) picture like new
TR4/TR4Afront valance (2 of them) picture picture needs some work very cheap
broken but useable TR4A grill picture missing small part in corner, but useable (sell very cheap)
TR4/TR4A valve cover picture excellent
TR4/TR4A transmission picture needs lay shaft and lay shaft bearings replaced
TR4/TR4A Parking brake lever picturegood and useable
TR4/TR4A Defroster vent, plastic pictureexcellent
TR4/TR4A Defroster outlet pictureexcellent
TR4/TR4A Escutcheon, light and signal switch (both of them) picturegood
TR4/TR4A Steering column bracket pictureexcellent
TR4/TR4A rear view mirror picturevery good
TR4A centre sun visor mount (two of them) picturevery good
TR4/TR4A visor (two sets of two) picturegood
TR4/TR4A ashtray pictureexcellent
TR4/TR4A washer pump picturevery good
TR4/TR4A boot lidneeds minor repair at bottom lip
TR4/TR4A front springs - standard picture1 new
TR4/TR4A front springs - up rated picture1 new
SOLD -----TR4/TR4A steering wheel   Excellent
SOLD ----- TR4 15"x4" steel wheels (set of 6) needs bead blasting and paint
SOLD -----TR4/4A wood dash (two of them)  original piece, needs refinish
SOLD ----- TR4 grill  Excellent, just needs to be polished
SOLD ----- TR4/TR4A hub caps (8)  good but with some rust and stains
SOLD ----- TR4/TR4A hub cap badge (8)  good but 4 of them are missing the stud
SOLD ----- TR4/TR4A wheel trim rings  Excellent
SOLD -----TR4/TR4A bonnet  good
SOLD ----- TR4A seat frames (both seats)good

Triumph TR3/TR3A and TR4/TR4A parts for sale (parts that are common to both cars)

Description (x Quantity)Condition
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A/TR4/TR4A water pump pulley very good
TR3/TR3A/TR4/TR4A  thermostat housing picturevery good
TR3/TR3A/TR4/TR4A generator pedestal picturevery good
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A/TR4/TR4A timing chain cover very good
TR3/TR3A/TR4/TR4A starter solenoid pictureexcellent

Triumph TR3/TR3A parts for sale

Other British Car parts for sale

Description (x Quantity)Condition
TR3A rear axle complete picturegood
TR3/TR3A heater valve picturevery good
TR3/TR3A wiper bezels picture picture2good
TR3/TR3A speedometer picturespeedo works, odometer not working
TR3/TR3A front engine plateExcellent
TR3/TR3A transmission  picturegood (has the internals from a full synchro box)
TR3/TR3A heater core, motor and fan picture pictureas pulled in 1979 looks good
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A boot (trunk) lid needs sanding and paint only, no rust holes
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A parking brake handle fair and useable
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A dashas pulled, will need new covering
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A exhaust manifold (two of them) excellent
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A brake and clutch pedals and box very good
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A rear lever shocks and linkages very good, as pulled in 1979
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A transmission tunnel needs some work (sell very cheap)
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A doors (both of them) needs some work at the bottom, will sell very cheap
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A windshield and frame glass is cracked but frame is excellent
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A spare cubby lid fair
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A front fenders poor, needs patches in bottom corner (sell very cheap)
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A license plate lamp cover, chrome very good
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A intake manifold excellent
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A fuel cap and neck good
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A front bumperette (2) good
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A front bumper bar slightly bent
SOLD -----TR3 radiator good, but should be recored
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A centre instrument cluster (two of them) good, will need paint
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A oil filler cap very good
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A valve cover good
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A brake and clutch master bracket and box good (only the bottle and the box on right remain)
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A boot lid good
SOLD ----- TR3/TR3A steering wheel good
SOLD ----- TR3/TR3A wiper tubes and wheel box assembly very good and working
SOLD ----- TR3/TR3A starter handle guideexcellent, needs paint removed
SOLD ----- TR3/TR3A tail light base excellent

SOLD -----TR3/TR3A fan 

SOLD -----TR3/TR3A bonnet (louvered) good but will need painting
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A fan hub extension  Excellent (blasted and painted)
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A ignition switch with keygood
SOLD -----TR3/TR3A warning lampsgood
SOLD -----R3/TR3A washer jets good
Description (x Quantity)Condition
Front demister hose (set of two) picture excellent
Front demister vent, metal (three of them) picture excellent
Vent duct picture excellent (if you know what this is please email me)
Parking brake lever picture excellent (if you know what this is please email me)
Steering column plastic escutcheon picture excellent (if you know what this is please email me)
Rear view mirror with high beam dip picture good (if you know what this is please email me)
Morgan air filter box picture1 picture2 good (if you know what this is please email me)
TR6 chrome inside handles/levers picture Excellent (bottom one unknown, if you know please email me)
SOLD ----- TR250/TR6 15" x 5.5"steel wheels (8  total)Excellent (five of them are blasted and primed)
SOLD ----- MG Midget/AH Sprite roof sticks good 

Last Revised - July 28, 2006

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