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MD eCase A privacy oriented Case Management platform is designed to give payers a mechanism to give members special access to unproven, expensive or high risk drugs and services. It may also be used by workers compensation and disability programs to control access based on clinical findings. The platform is designed to provide payers with an effective way to mass process "Special Authorizations" of member benefits not included in the published drug formularies or listing of provider services. Providers are required to provide Clinical justifications for patient eligibility of unlisted benefits for reimbursement. These justifications may be automatically approved or distributed to eligible members of any number of reviewing panels, made up of physicians, pharmacists or nurses. Approvals or queries are directly communicated to the requesting Provider. Pharmacists can be linked into the approval process to ensure payment authorization. Follow up questionnaires can be required as part of subsequent treatment or prescription refill. Data is typically used to monitor safety and evaluate the economics and outcomes of the restricted therapy as an input into ongoing benefits planning.
MD eClinical An enterprise or single trial Clinical Research management platform capable of administering an unlimited number of trials and consolidating monitoring activities across multiple trials. Enables Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting and follow up actions to be consolidated from all Trials even if multiple data management applications are used by the enterprise.
MD eRegistry A Privacy oriented Registry management platform. Registries are utilized for many applications including research, patient support, care management and coordination. The platform is unlimited in the number of patients, care protocols and administration processes that can be applied in the platform. The platform has the automatic capabilities to link its various protocols and admin processes to third party databases and applications as part of its core operation, thereby complimenting and optimizing services.
MD eSurvey An Enterprise Survey Management Platform with the capability of managing unlimited surveys in a public or panel based forum.