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Enterprise The MD eSeries of platforms separates the content databases from the business process databases. This ensures that standard operating procedures can be ensured, regardless of the content database or third party application. The separation of the business process from the content facilitates Work List aggregation based on each user's organizational or project role and responsibility. Work Lists can be configured to be user specific or shared. Work load can be planned in advance based on business process models ensuring timely completion of tasks. Incomplete or delinquent tasks can be escalated and vacation alternatives designated.
Scalability The MD eSeries of platforms ensures scalability beyond the scope of any of its customer requirements for real time performance. Tens of millions of patients are manageable on a single content database. The software platforms can operate on any standard hardware and operating system including Intel, Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mainframe.
Business Process Modelling The MD eSeries of platforms comes with standard administration business processes. These processes are customizable by using the business process modelling tool to create customized business processes and clinical protocols. The business process engine identifies any work required to be performed by users, computer programs and third party applications. The processes can be easily customized without changing the applications or the content databases, thereby reducing maintenance costs and making the organization easily adaptable to any required change. The business process management engine separates the content databases from the business process databases. This ensures that standard operating procedures can be adhered to enterprise wide. This model is a significant advance from the commonly available "Formflow" engines available that route documents from one user to another. Business processes are driven by rules, which may direct certain elements of content to many responsible parties. Each element of content must be uniquely auditable and capable of triggering a business activity independent of other events. Performance monitoring of the business processes can be tracked through activity audit trails indicating many details of users throughput and workloads.
Multiple User Interfaces The MD eSeries of platforms can accommodate User Interfaces via Web Browser, Fax, Voice, PDA and eMail.
Thin Client The MD eSeries of platforms has optimized the browser based access to ensure immediate response to a user on an obsolete computer with a slow speed dialup line. Browser page footprints are between 10 - 20k per user page ensuring almost parallel performance between dialup connection across multiple hops and high speed lines. Web pages are compliant with W3C XML standards. The application is not affected by browser security policies since it does not make use of the client's computer cache memory.
Compliance The relevant MD eSeries platform is compliant with FDA 21 CFR 11, HIPAA, Privacy laws and Canadian federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), ICH and GCP.