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  About Us

Here are a category of specially structured functions that usually do not involve as much planning or preparation for them to become a successful event. The nature of these "get - togethers" is more simplistic, or less formal in nature.

Some sample types are:

A Pool party
A Birthday party
A Picnic
A Street party
A Family Reunion
A Basement Bash
A Stag and Doe
A Barn Dance

The most important criteria to consider for these impersonal functions is to make sure that your preparations are “loose” enough to provide a wide variety of options (food, music, prizes, announcements, spot light dances, etc.) yet festive enough to generate energy and participation. The party must be able to flow or evolve as "events" take the party goers. Highlighting your guests for special "inserts" or various "novelty" opportunities always adds to the party dynamics. Below are some pictures of a Street Party we did.

Great food, Great Fun, Great Fiends!

Our Dj's  have an easy and friendly nature and find a great deal of pleasure in filling the dance area with excited party goers. These talented music men realize that these party styles are more loose and have a more frivolous structure. "Go with the  flow" is generally the "password" to success for events of this nature.

Consider calling us for our input into some additional options that you may find interesting or applicable to your preparations. Allow us to provide you with a few ideas that can enhance the surprises for your unsuspecting guests.


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