“Her counsel was a stabilizing influence during a period of rapid company growth… she was successful in reducing the average age of accounts, collected tens of thousands of dollars on aged accounts and set up effective cost-cutting procedures.”
Merrick Falkenstein - President
Falken Marketing Corp.

“They know bookkeeping inside out…can see with a manager’s eyes as well as the accountant’s point of view…expert at ‘forensic’ bookkeeping and can clean up the worst mess…thoroughly professional…the best service a manager could have!”
Alex Smyth, President
Rocky Neck Seafood of Canada

“Alicia performed above and beyond… helpful in many ways… her good business sense actually helped secure a contract for us!”
Angelo Perri, President
Mhz Design Communications Inc.

“AA Business Services totally computerized our accounting, organized our database containing thousands of donors across North America and prepared very professional annual reports.”
Anna Paudyn, Chairperson
The Charitable Foundation of the
Canadian Polish Congress.

“...a complete service, they incorporated our company, protected our interests with a shareholders agreement, maintain our minute book, prepare our annual reports as well as our personal and business taxes.”
Lucinda Griffin, President
Simply Dancing Dance Studios

“AA Business Services represented us to good effect with the Ministry of Finance.”
Glen Eisenberg, President
Precision Communications Group

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