President Birgeneau

and the discrimination in University of Toronto

"Goals justify the means"
Joseph Stalin
But what are the goals?

Dr. Birgeneau has been responsible for ordering and approving the gender discrimination study at MIT (published in 1999). The study had found discrimination of women in science and complained that women were not "pampered, overpaid, indulged". Yet, Dr. Birgeneau had refused to present scientific evidence for the conclusions of the study to the public, and the scandalous study was called a "political manifesto masquerading as science", "corruption of science", "junk science", etc.
Nancy Hopkins, the leader of the "discriminated" professors (and appointed by Dr. Birgeneau to be the chair of the study) was not only given more money, but was given the membership in the National Academy of Sciences.
With Dr. Birgeneau now as the President of the University of Toronto, my complaint that the U of T professor Ellen Larsen (along with three others) had stolen my Ph.D. research, came, once more, into collision with prevailing political goals.
Ellen Larsen had already written that my discoveries, much praised by her earlier, did not belong to me, but only to the "community" and that she was entitled to publish them herself. For any other professor-idiot such statement would be fatal. But, for an idiot who has political status of Jewish female, bold statements defying civilization are tremendously boosting self-esteem and helping to avoid shame and escape justice. One needs to be a trusted Bolshevik to seek justification for a very personal fraud in the rights of the "community".(see this document # 25)
She now can at least double her argument by referring to the statements made by Dr. Birgeneau, as he left MIT, to the Canadian "National Post" (Feb. 26, 2000) that the past discrimination of Jews in Universities and the present position of women academics are similar and that now "it's necessary to correct egregiously bad historical behaviour and to help ameliorate the effects of the environment for non-majority people." She might add that Dr. Birgeneau's affirmative action program entitles her to be looked upon as the person of equal achievements and equal intellect, even if a stolen ones.
Correction of "bad historical behavior" is a political ploy. The true explanation of "change" lies in the more than hundred years of communist searching for the "exploited" ones, when, from the start, one half of the population, women, were declared to be exploited by another half. It is only a ploy: no woman who opposes communist ideology would be promoted for her "gender".
The anti-discrimination policy is no more than a smoke screen allowing to advance communist cause and to promote those who are personally loyal to the administration; this is a tool of corruption. Universities became a place where the incompetent and incapable can assault reason and morality and abolish all the truth that comes from reason and morality. Ridiculous nonsense is accepted as social science, Women's Studies, etc. (remember the Sokal affair?). The junk science and fraud come from the "counterculture": the one who devoted professorship to cocaine and world peace, steals the discoveries of a graduate student. Past discrimination has nothing to do with Dr. Birgeneau's policies. His goal is to defend the profits of "counterculture". No wonder that he is trying to make one woman, Ellen Larsen, "invisible" again.
The fact that I was thrown out of the University by Ellen Larsen who subsequently was "entitled" to become the author of my research is not a violation of Dr. Birgeneau's anti-discrimination policy in science. The fraud in the University does not bother him because my research was appropriated by those who, politically and bodily, are destined to be the winners of his "aggressive search" for talents.
What his letter to me says is quite clear: "I do not have personal knowledge of what is going on, in any case." No, you have, Dr. Birgeneau. The University community has received eleven thousands of my four-page leaflets and hundreds of copies of documents and you were given the same. A professor from a distant department, when asked to look at my documents, said to me - "I don't have to, everybody knows that she stole your research". The administration can only simulate ignorance now. You had ignored the petition signed by 417 members of the University community and you ignored my second letter for no good reason. You will never be able to camouflage your part of the fraud as ignorance, either genuine or even, so called, willful, - it is not believable. President Bill Clinton, who had so much praise for your MIT study, would hardly advise you to deny knowledge of things obvious to everybody else.
Dr. Birgeneau knows that continuing this fraud is the option chosen by the corrupt University and the one decided upon long time ago. It follows from the above that he joined the conspiracy not unwillingly. There is little doubt that he was assured by the media that, eventually, this story will be twisted in such way as to portray him completely innocent. (Just as this page was written, the news came that Dr. Birgeneau's predecessor, R. Prichard, who is the President Emeritus of the U of T, will become President of Toronto Star Corp., the largest newspaper here, on July 1.)

Sorry, the photo is not available here. National Post refused to give permission to reproduce it on my Web site.

President R. J. Birgeneau
Photograph by Kevin van Paassen, National Post
In background - the U of T logo: Great Minds for a Great Future


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