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Arkansas Rebel


Welcome folks to The Rebel's bare footprint on the Web! On these pages you will find thing that are of interest to me. I have my Genealogy which is the "Layton Genealogy Page", also ladys be sure to check out my better halfs page, "Loida's Dolls Page. What she can do with a little yarn is magic! The newest page is for Motorcycles, and will feature Wichita Kansas area motorcycle runs.  Check it out.



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God Bless America!!



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My links to special sites
Twinking StarRebel's Cycle Page
This is my Motorcycle Site.
I have lots of cycle pictures and articles of places to ride to from Wichita, Kansas.

Twinking StarLoida's Dolls Page
This is my Wifes page! She is wonderful at making crochet
dolls clothes and other stuff. Check it out!!



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Arkansas Rebel

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