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Vanna's Hideaway

A place for exploring the other side..

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Welcome to my home. It has been several years now since I became comfortable with who I am: a crossdresser, happily married, completely heterosexual and in the second half of life. (You can define that anyway you like) While I have been dressing for a long time, I decided, in 1998, that I had to join so many like us on the internet. And that necessitated a name that would not seem totally out of character in my new "hideaway"----so VANNA JEAN it is. (No name was required in the closet!!)

I moved in during 1998. Through this site and with the help of some new friends I hope to continue to explore what is now an important part of my life----dressing in female clothes. I have discovered through the internet that I am not alone in this desire, and that there are many who share my interest. I am just beginning to explore the relationships that can come from our lifestyle, and would love to hear from you.

The picture above is from Vanna Jean's first professional sitting at Studiolites in Denver. I am pleased with the look (that is a major understatement!!) and had a great time in Denver. You can see more pictures from that visit to Denver on my picture pages.

When this site went up in 1998, I had planned to do frequent updates. Well, so much for good plans. The last several years have been full of gaining additional perspective and confidence, but have NOT allowed Vanna to completely escape the closet. That is another story completely!!!

New pictures of some recent purchases at Tall Girl, a new look from Hidden Woman, and meeting a VC sister for the first time.

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