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i asked the reaper to release me from the burden of life
you all were expecting it! with such a long time in between updates... what else would happen?

however, i am working on several manga, most for the company Tenkei Media and i still post to deviantart, so FEAR NOT, mes copains, i am still alive.

i now have a site up at TM, called ars gratia animus, which replaces ai candy as my art site. as soon as i get more time, i will bring back visual pink, and it will be a BADASS DOMAIN. carpe noctem has been canceled due to lack of interest, but i will leave up paradabase, and my star (and i may update my star from time to time..) so all that's left to visit is aga, deviantart, and i guess my livejournal...

parapara info database

my star
lee jung-hyun info

livejournal - deviantart

my art site

tenkei media

til we meet again, mes amis, au revoir. n.n