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Manchester United's Charity Shield Record*

Date Opponents W/L/D F A H/A Venue Goal Scorers Attendances
4/27/08 Queens Park Rangers D 1 1 N Stamford Bridge Meredith1 6000
4/29/1908 R Queens Park Rangers W 4 0 N Stamford Bridge TurnbullJ3 WallG1 6000
9/25/11 Swindon Town W 8 4 N Stamford Bridge Halse6 TurnbullJ1 WallG1 10000
10/6/48 Arsenal L 3 4 A Highbury BurkeR1 RowleyJ1 OG 31000
9/24/52 Newcastle United W 4 2 H Old Trafford DownieJ1 RowleyJ2 ByrneR1 11381
10/24/56 Manchester City W 1 0 A Maine Road Viollet1 30495
10/22/57 Aston Villa W 4 0 H Old Trafford BerryJ1 TaylorT3 27923
8/17/63 Everton L 0 4 A Goodison Park   54840
8/14/65 Liverpool D 2 2 H Old Trafford Herd1 Best1 48502
8/12/67 Tottenham Hotspurs D 3 3 H Old Trafford Charlton2 LawD1 54106
8/13/77 Liverpool D 0 0 N Wembley   82000
8/20/83 Liverpool W 2 0 N Wembley Robson2 92000
8/10/85 Everton L 0 2 N Wembley   82000
8/19/90 Liverpool D 1 1 N Wembley BlackmoreC1 66558
8/7/93 Arsenal W 1 1 N Wembley Hughes1 60000
8/14/94 Blackburn Rovers W 2 0 N Wembley Cantona1(Pen) InceP1 60402
8/12/96 Newcastle United W 4 0 N Wembley Cantona1 Butt1 Beckham1 Keane1 73214
8/3/97 Chelsea W* 1 1 N Wembley Johnsen1 73636

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Prior to 1993 if the game ended in a draw, the Shield was shared. Since then, penalties have been used to decide the game. Early this century, the match was at the end of the season between the winners of the Football League (which was made up of Northern teams) and the Southern League.

* This table was prepared using the Manchester United Factfile which is produced by Electronic Sports Data. It has the line-ups, attendances, scores and scorers of every competitve game ever played by Manchester United and Newton Heath .That's 4,519 matches to the end of season 1997/8. Its allows custom queries and reports in an easy to use graphical interface. Little computer knowledge is needed but you will need Microsoft Access 2.0 or higher. For further details send an email to: [removed] or call (UK) 01573 460 611.
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