Lament of the Wraithbard

From: Wraithbard

I feel pain of light in my eyes
Whenever you try to enlighten me
I stay gladly in the shades
My shadow is light enough to see

Once upon a time just a bard I was
To me every colour was pale
I want to forget how love tastes
Though my spirit is not for sale

I remember the taste of blood
Love is as red as blood is
To a wraith like me even colours are sad
My choice is to stare into darkness

I broke the glass just to touch the sand
Now time is slipping through my fingers
I am drowning in time's quicksand
And with hope I stretch out my hands

Noone is strong enough to pull me out
Noone is ghost enough to hold me
To my loneliness I laugh loud
And to the emptiness of thee

Damn stupid to fill the hole with a hole
But no other choice is granted to me
It' hard to hold my spirit as a whole
With blinded eyes darkness is all you can see

O, mighty four winds! Please blow to lift me
Help me to catch the falling stars
O, dear father sky! Cry to cleanse me
Because I was born to stay wet with tears

Now I live in dreams of mortals
A guide to the icy mountains of hell I am
To awaken the frozen spirits of other wraiths
"To find them and in the darkness bind them"

I traveled everywhere from Mordor to Waterdeep
Even to Neverland I went
With the Dark Queen I sleep
While I search for the promised land

Where there is harmless light in love
Where love tastes sweet
Where its colour is white as a dove
Where I can stay to the end

O, mother earth! Soil me, for I'm too clean
Valkries cannot fly me to my beloved one
From the moment her tears were seen
I became the fallen one

Now I'm down in the valley
Where the lost souls are gathered
But even they are lost to me
Because my eyes are blinded

Don't ask someone where Wraithbard is
The answer will be a lie
Because I truly live in two places  first one is
"The land Mordor where the shadows lie"

The other place is more distant yet nearer
More lighted but somehow darker than this one
Except me noone can reach there
Because it's the heart of my beloved one

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Copyright © 1998

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