Hecate...Oh how I miss thee....

From: Kris Lynn

As I lie awake looking to the sky
I suddenly start to swoon
All around things start to shift
the bewitching of the moon
Lying bound to the altar
I hear a maidens voice
She bids I follow her
As if I had a choice
She leads me to my funeral pyre
We watch its final breath
Then this reality fades away
Ive received my last caress
Suddenly seized by the tempest
and dragged beyond the gates
Cast into an abyss
plunging to the fates
Im caught by another vision
and laid on a bed of nails
This is whats called pleasure
among us who dwell in hell
on the rack I am arroused
by her fiery glow
from above I feel the swing
Of the pendulum to and fro
Next bound to the wall
I feel the cracking whip
Too much pain or is it pleasure?
Out of consciousness I slip
I awaken in the shadow
Of one in hell who reigns
She gave my greatest pleasure
That which comes from pain
She said 'this is worthless now"
And reached inside my heart
And so I'd worship no other
She shredded it apart
Now I wonder if it was worth it
The price I paid to much
You see my dear, the price I paid
Was to give up the power to love

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Copyright © 1997

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