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In case you're interested in who threw this montage together, it's me.
I'm your average short-blonde-type person living in Texas.
I have three children; Samantha (12), Kai (10), and Shea (7).
(Scroll down a bit to see my munchkins)
The four of us live here with our dogs, Gunnar and Paxyl,
our emus, and whatever stray and/or hurt animal may wander into our lives.
About Gene and Me:
I realized I was infatuated with Gene Kelly much too late.
I got the chance to meet him before I knew who he was, and blew it off instead of savoring the time I had with him :(
Now that I'm grown up, I'm kickin' myself.
Should have married him right then and there!
Well, at the very least, spent much more time with him.*wink*


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