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I have lots more to add...I gotta weasel more info from Pam and a few others who have 'the scoop' on The Man...hee hee... MORE TO COME!!

Other works of
Gene Kelly

"America Salutes Richard Rodgers: The Sound of His Music" (1976), as [unknown]

"Roger Rabbit and the Secrets of Toon Town", (co-host) (13 September 1988)

"AFI Salute to Gene Kelly" as [unknown] (7 May 1985)

"America's Sweetheart: The Mary Pickford Story" (1977), as [unknown]

"Changing Scene, The" 11 September 1970 as host

"Changing Scene, The" 10 December 1970 as host

"Christmas Around The World" as [unknown] 19 December 1976)

"Cinderella at the Palace" 2 November 1978 as host

"Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: Frank Sinatra" as [unknown] 7 February 1978)

"Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: George Burns" as [unknown] 10 May 1978)

"Debby Boone...The Same Old Brand New Me" as [unknown] 23 June 1980)

"Dick Cavett's Backlot USA" as [unknown] 5 April 1976)

"Dom DeLuise and Friends" as [unknown] 16 February 1983)

"Dorothy Hamill Special, The" as [unknown] 17 November 1976)

"First 50 Years, The" 21 November 1976 as co-host

"Sinatra: The First 40 Years" as [unknown] 30 January 1980)

"Sinatra 75: The Best Is Yet To Come" as [unknown] 16 December 1990)

"Fred Astaire: Puttin' On The Top Hat" (1980), as [unknown]

"Gene Kelly Pontiac Special, The" 24 April 1959 as host

"Gene Kelly Show, The" 21 November 1959 as host

"Gene Kelly, New York, New York" 14 February 1966 as host

"Gene Kelly's Wonderful World of Girls" 14 January 1970 as host

"Gene Kelly...An American in Pasadena" 13 March 1978 as host

"Jack and the Beanstalk" 26 February 1967 as Peddler

"Julie Andrews Show, The" as [unknown] 28 November 1965)

"Kennedy Center Honors, The" as [unknown] 29 December 1979)

"Kennedy Center Honors, The" as [unknown] 27 December 1983)

"Kennedy Center Honors, The" as [unknown] 26 December 1991)

"Liberty Weekend: Closing Ceremonies" as [unknown] 6 July 1986)

"Movie Palaces, The" 9 July 1987 as host-narrator

"Night of 100 Stars" as [unknown] 8 March 1982)

"1968 Hollywood Stars of Tomorrow" 27 January 1968 as host

"Olivia Newton-John's Hollywood Nights" as [unknown] 14 April

"Oscar's Best Actors" 23 May 1978 as co-host

"Peggy Fleming Show, The" as [unknown] 24 November 1968)

"Roger Rabbit and the Secrets of Toon Town" as [unknown] 13

"Stars Salute Israel at 30, The" as [unknown] 8 May 1978)

"Steve and Eydie: Our Love Is Here To Stay" as [unknown] 27 November 1975)

"Tappin'" as [unknown] 8 January 1989)

"World of Magic, The" as [unknown] 26 December 1975)

"Yabba Dabba Doo! The Happy World of Hanna-Barbera" 24 November 1977 as co-host

"Salute to Baseball" (4/13/57), as Host

_"A Tribute to 'Mr. Television' Milton Berle, 26 March 1978, as co-host