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Tekire's Gene Kelly Music Page!!

Yes Folks! This man COULD do everything.
( And he looked darn good doing it! )

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I fixed it!!! But you must have the G2 version of realaudio to stream them...which means no downloading just plays!! The real-thingy is FREE and you can get it from the link below. Enjoy!!

Here are some of my favorite songs which Gene sang. He didn't sing as well as he danced, but he did pretty ok . Just click on the song , sit back, and listen. ENJOY!!
By the way... you'll need REAL AUDIO for this. Let me say that I am sorry straight away for the boxy sound of these clips. I am using the shareware version encoder . =) Better than nothin'...ain't it? LINEgeocities archive


Nina (from THE PIRATE )

Almost Like Being in Love (from BRIGADOON )

For Me and My Gal ( from FOR ME AND MY GAL )

Dig (for your dinner) ( from SUMMER STOCK )

The Babbitt and the Bromide (from Ziegfeild Follies )

I got Rhythm ( from AN AMERICAN IN PARIS )

Singin' in the Rain ( from Singin' in the Rain )

The Worry Song ( from ANCHORS AWEIGH)

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Nina ( from THE PIRATE )

whiteballgeocities mirror Almost Like Being In Love ( from BRIGADOON )

For Me and My Gal(from FOR ME AND MY GAL)

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