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More GK...I still have more...can you believe it !?!

gk101.jpg (52150 bytes)

Another photo from the private collection of Gene Hendrick.
Thanks again to Gene for sharing the great pic.


dolly.JPG (18599 bytes)

GK and Barbara from Hello Dolly

gene2(1).jpg (30800 bytes)

This is a GOOD ONE!!! From Singin' in the Rain. From the private collection of Anders Thuresson, Stockholm, Sweden

inherit.jpg (22446 bytes)

GK and Spencer Tracey . from Inherit the Wind

kelly22.jpg (57262 bytes)

a very young GK

pinky.jpg (20880 bytes)

from What a Way to GO. GK and Shirley McLaine.

port.jpg (32495 bytes)

another Young GK