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This is Gene's Beautiful family.



Bridgette, Tim, GK, and Kerry

                                   As you can see here, Gene loved his kids very much.
                                                    Bridgette, Tim, GK, and Kerry     



GK and Kerry(75632 bytes)

                              GK and Kerry. This was when he broke his ankle and had to                                sit out of Easter Parade. He would have been so good.


                                                               GK, baby Bridgette, and Jean

                                    OKokok. This is Jean. She was the love of GK's life.                                    She loved him and took care of  him.  Being the huge fan                                   that I am, I have great respect for this lady because she was                                so good to GK.  She died of cancer .  I hope they are together again                                 in the great beyond. ( Jean was his second wife, and mom to                                               the two younger children.)


Gene and Bridgette(119654 bytes)

This is Gene and Bridgette. I got this from a friend who
stole it from another page. Donna's I think.
(sorry Donna, this is so cute I had ta....)




Home photo of THE MAN

This is a photo from a private collection of Gene Hendrick .
Here he is in real life guys!
My thanks to Gene. (both of em)

  GK and HER

Well. HMMMMM. What to say here....
This is GK and his third wife (grumble grumble),
Patricia Ward Kelly.  She lived in a seperate house,
tried to get the kids'  money when GK died,
and she has all of his stuff.  I would really like to talk to her.
I need to know if she is the wench I think she is,
or did she love him?
And, why did she try to take things away from his children??!!
Also, why hasn't she released things about GK?
Its all in her lap now and it appears that she is just
gonna live off what Gene gave her and blow everyone else off.
  It is inconceivable to me that someone could marry  him just for
his money  I met him. He was laid back, sexy, charming, funny,
intense, and well , sexy.  He was in his seventies, and  I was 17.
I didn't really even know who he was then
and he had my attention. He has never lost it either. =)
My point is, there was so much more to him than just his money.
I sure as hell wouldn't have lived in a seperate house.
He would have to pry me from his side.

So, Mrs. Kelly... if you see this, please defend yourself to me and the rest of the world. Tell me why I should think that you loved this man. I really need to know that you did.