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Oh yes, I gotta ton of 'em...

Can't tell I like him, can ya?

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Here are some more photos of G.K.
Who wouldn't like lookin' at this man?! He's is so handsome.
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THANKS!!!! <<>> Tekire
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This is a dance shot from FOR ME AND MY GAL.
I really enjoyed the movies he made with Judy Garland.
She wasn't a glamorous beauty like Cyd,
but she was pretty,could sure sing and dance,
and had a cute personality. This was Gene's first
real movie and she walked him through the process.

singin' umbrella

This is yet another promo from SINGIN' IN THE RAIN.
He sure is good lookin'.


This is another promo portrait.
Its not one of my favorites, but it
is still pretty good. He was such a good looking man.


I have mixed emotions about this shot.
On the one hand, its HIM.( gotta love
it for that reason.) On the other hand,
he is really skinny looking . I am
not keen on skinny, even if it is HIM.
He still has a handsome face though.


I love this movie. The acting isn't that great, but it has
some great dance numbers and Judy and Gene paired up again.
All their movies together are great entertainment.
I haven't decided if I like the moustache or not. HHHMMMMMM....


Another SINGIN' IN THE RAIN poster.


GEES!! What great hoofers.
I love Don and Gene. They should
have done more movies together.
They don't make 'em like that anymore.


This is a valentine that G.K. made.
Its cute and has his autograph.*wink*


 This is another poster from  THE PIRATE.
 Cute flick.

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