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These are from the private collection of Gene Hendrick.
He was nice enough to share them with me.
I offer my most sincere thanks to Mr. Hendrick!!
(and BIG hugz!!)

The Gene Hendrick collection:


gk3.jpg (25233 bytes)

Summer Stock...*TEK sings loudly* :
You gotta bag the tiger, gotta shoot the deer...
WHAT ?!?!


gk5.jpg (25760 bytes)

*SINGS AGAIN*:  Sail away with  me to memory island...(insert Phil Silvers'
most excellent goofiness here) OKok... you can do the number...


gkelly2.jpg (97655 bytes)

I know you have already seen this, but I wanted to put all
the collection together on one page.    =)


gk101.jpg (52150 bytes)

check it out...its a picture of someone taking a picture of Gene Kelly!!!


gk4.jpg (34411 bytes)

Howdy Neighbor...happy harvest...may your forty acres soon be fields of clover..
I just love Summer Stock!!!



I want express my thanks again to Gene Hendrick for all these wonderful
pics from his private collection. It was super sweet of him to share them with all of us.