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Star Trek Relationshipper's Station Lookin' For a Fixer-Upper?
this ain't no double-wide...

Well, it seems that the time has come to bid the STRS goodbye. On my part, at least. It's become painfully obvious to me (and anyone else who's stopped by the station in the past two years or so) that this here hunk o' virtual metal is in serious need of a change of management.

So, I've decided to put it up on the market. The price point is reasonable; just show me that you've enough interest, time and determination to keep the STRS operational (with the occasional upgrade) and she's yours.

Although I'm still a fan of all things Trek, my fandom focus has lately taken me in other directions (Shoujocon (PR Staff), Yaoi-Con (PR Staff, Dealers' Room Chair, Sponsorship Chair etc), as well as my own contribution to the world of Japanese manga and anime - TPod's Wings [WARNING: It's a slash/yaoi site. IOW, male on male. Age 18 and over only!]).

Now what do YOU have to do to get your hands on a prime bit of real estate in the Trek Relationshippers galaxy? Just this:

That's just about all you'll need to convince me. If more than one person applies, I'll try to make the best possible decision based on qualifications.

Please send an email to me (TPod aka Teepee) at

  • Your Name (or Net ID)
  • Email Address
  • Location where STRS will be moved (can be general, say, another Geocities hosted URL)
  • URLs of any other websites you currently manage (this will help me determine your ability to provide upkeep on the website and your familiarity with HTML).
  • All graphics and HTML documents will be yours to do with what you will. Unfortunately, I do not have the original graphic files (Corel Photo Paint format), due to the recent theft of my computer), but I'll be happy to help make any changes to the current ones ( as in, I still don't have an Enterprise graphic in the main navigation bar).

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!


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