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The Next Generation

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Riker & Troi
Riker & Troi
William T. RikerDeanna Troi
Race: HumanRace: Betazoid
Became Second-in-Command to Cpt. Picard shortly before the events in Encounter at FarpointAssigned as the Enterprise's Counselor during Farpoint
How they met

William and Deanna met at a traditional Betazoid wedding on Deanna's home planet of Betazed.
(Note: Betazoid weddings are traditionally attended in the nude)

While Riker pursued Deanna, she vowed to have nothing to do with him, until she realized that they were indeed meant for each other -- they were Imzadi, meaning "beloved" in a spiritual sense. Over time, however, they drifted apart, only to be reunited again on board the Enterprise-D.

For a great read, get your hands on Peter David's book, Imzadi.


Worf & Troi
Worf & Troi
Worf, Son of MoghDeanna Troi
Race: KlingonRace: Betazoid
First Klingon to graduate from Starfleet Academy, he was raised by a human family. Became a security officer on board the Enterprise-D.Assigned as the Enterprise's Counselor during the Farpoint mission.
How they met

Worf and Deanna became involved at least seven years into the Enterprise-D's commission as a Starfleet vessel. They began dating, as friends, with Worf unwilling to hurt his friend Commander Riker by taking the relationship any further. However, Deanna thought differently, as they shared their first kiss (All Good Things...).

Keep an eye out for Peter David's upcoming novel, Imzadi II...


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