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the funky vulcan guestbook
a tim russ fan consortium

Isa - 11/05/00 15:41:11
My Email:Your Location: Earth, Denmark
I am glade that I am not the only one who likes Tuvok... You are lucky, you can meet him, I can't unless I move to USA or a other place. Because they newer come to Denmark`:|You can mail me if you want to..:) Live long and prosper... Cool site. T'Pal out

jess - 09/04/00 18:30:55
My Email:
cool site

Horsie and Delta - 08/03/00 13:46:48
My Email:
Dear Friends of Tim Russ: Delta Story and I, of the J/C realm, have designed an original Star Trek: Voyager wall hanging, entitled "Starry Night in the Delta Quadrant," which will be the prize in a fundraising project to benefit Down Syndrome, in connection with Robert Beltran's G laxy Ball III. Please click the links below to see the wall hanging: Information: To participate: More pictures can be seen at The fundraiser will run from July 1 through September 30, 2000, and the winner will be selected by a blind drawing on October 8. Questions? Contact Delta Story at [removed] or Horsie at [removed] We warmly thank everyone for contributing to this very worthy cause so dear to Robert Beltran! Diane Running Horse Smith

Ruth - 05/04/00 20:01:46
My Email:Your Location: Scotland
I just found this page. I'm a fan of voyager but was never really a fan of Tuvok until yesterday when I met him, we not met really. He was doing a signing in a shop in Edinburgh and I went to see him and even got my photo taken with him, he was so nice. I wanted to know if anyone here had ever met him, of even if anyone had any pictures of him, not as Tuvok. He is so lovely, and he looks great! bye Ruth

T'Kalyr - 04/27/00 19:14:49
My Email:Your Location: USA
\V/ Tuvock rocks!

Kate - 04/10/00 18:36:41
My Email:Your Location: NY
Cute site but the multimedia links don't work!!!

Liz - 02/23/00 22:44:44
Your Location: Chicago, IL
Saw him at the convention in Minneapolis, August '99. He was funny and charming. He and Kim Garrett made a good impression on me.

Syna - 01/07/00 13:09:58
My Email:Your Location: Chemnitz/Germany
Hi, nice to find a site to Tim Russ. I like the actor, his roles and all about him. Search for other fans, to write or meet or speak... All is possible. In a group i write some stories aboard VOYAGER: aspecially with the character Tuvok. My pseudonym there is a female deltan scientist. I like the controverses between Tuvok and her. It's reat and funny. Sorry for my english (my fantasy is better), greatings from space quadrant Europe, Annett (Syna)

Tvamp - 07/28/99 06:53:56
My Email:Your Location: pa
great page love the pictures i havent seen too many pages that are devoted to Tuvok. great idea. keep up the good work.

Mike & Kathy - 07/27/99 23:04:50
Your Location: CT
Pretty neat!

Laura T. - 05/06/99 02:16:42
My Email:Your Location: Baltimore MD
I just stumbled into your page. It's really great. I was at Grand Slam 99's Cabaret and got to hear Tim perform for the first time. I was blown away. I plan on ordering his CD. I love Vulcans and I love Tim. You go girl!

Boog - 03/15/99 20:25:22
My Email: n/a
Your Location: FL
Great webpage! Keep it up!

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