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The Following webpages are being watched over by a Suthern angel or angels. Just click on the halo's to visit the pages. The number beside each page is how many angels were adopted =). Thanks so Much for adopting them =)

RUTH (2)
my corner of cyperspace (2)
Sunny's Home Sweet Home (1)
DewDaw Ranch (2)
Stormie's Page (2)
Julie's Angelic Adoption Page (1)
Knightgale's Raging Fire (1)
Stacey's Place (1)
Corina's Home Page (1)
Melissa's Corner of the Web (1)
My Secret Sis Page for Wingz (2)
Melnik's Happy Home (2)
Wavgirl22's home page (1)
Jessica's Fantasy (1)
~The Nibbles Site! (1)
Chloe's Playground (1)
Lofty's Lair (1)
Anduril's Lair (1)
Favorite Angelart (1)
Calliope's Corner (2)