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This page is for the wonderful people who are nice enough to let me call them friends =) I don't have a picture of everyone but hopefully I will get one sooner or later. So, for now I have put the pics I do have and told you a little about each one.
One of my bf 's gave me a real hard time about puttin her on here so I found a little sumthin for her...although I am still going to put her picture here *giggles* This yankee candle is for my wonderful yankee friend Tammy. It is btw, the only yankee thang you are likely to find here! *s*
you can find a lot of my friends on mIRC on the Dalnet server (I use a texas connection 'cause I just miss that place so darn much!) We can all be found in one of two places usually: #minis or #chatcastle. Y'all come on over and chew the fat with us sometime, we are an odd lot...maybe you will fit right in!
This is Tam! a.k.a. minimouse...she is a minnie mouse fanatic. She is like a sis to me and she is one of the greatest people you could ever want to know. Thats her dad a.k.a. Waters^ in one pic and her mom a.k.a. Kaydelin^ in the other. Her mom is a really terrific person too. I respect her a lot. Her dad is very sweet, always has a kind word to say.

mik1.jpgThis guy is Mik a.k.a Easton. He is from Sweden. He is a die hard Hockey fan... GO MoDO!!!!!!!  He says when I say that they win so goodluck =) If you can believe it this guy eats ketchup on spaghetti, not to mention just about everything else! But he is such a SWEETY!!!

Rko2.jpgThis is Red a.k.a. Shoikan. His name is actually Rene, but I started callin him Red and it just sort of took. He lives in Holland with his girlfriend Diana. They are like completely in love...I hear it is really sickening to watch them together *giggles*

This is Amber a.k.a. ponytail and her hubby Tim a.k.a. jecards. They live in Minnesota. Amber is really funny, she cracks me up. She is crazy!! She is really into mooning people!! Her hubby is a real nice guy, he loves her very much =) I still owe Am a sand workin on it, im workin on it *giggles*

Justin.gifThis is Mark a.k.a Justin27. This is such a great pic which makes sense 'cause he is a great guy!

teddy2.jpgThis is Teddy23. He is such a sweet guy! He has the neatest teddybear popups and if you need someone to talk to he will always listen. He has been married for like forever...that is so great!


This is me when someone opens up a dcc with, Hi, got a pic? or any other corny line! Ain't I cute =)

terri3.jpgThis is me a.k.a. angeleyez if you are nice and ask for my pic without a come on! I was cuter up there, I know...oh well =) Well, these are my friends and that's me...yeah, I know, yer sittin' there in stunned amazement! This page isnt nearly done but I'm goin' as fast as I can =)