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angel collector

Well, true enough, thats angel collector, among other things. I collect many different things: recipes, Noahs Ark things, bunny's, almost anything country, some might even say kids given that I have 5 of them =). I wouldn't say I collect friends because I am just down right too picky for that. I have a small number of friends but the ones I have are dear to me (only a couple that are near to me) and I cherish each one.

Well this is your first step inside my web"home"...I'm awfully glad ya came by and I hope that as you walk the pages here you find that you are glad you did too...


adopt an angel

A nursery of some very special suthern angels who would just love to go home with you and watch over you. Each one is waiting patiently to see if they will be the lucky one to be adopted today. Won't you give one or more of them a home? Afterall, what could be better than having a Suthern angel watching over you?

adopt an angel
Another nursery just full of special little angels, all looking for that special person to adopt them. These are my victorian angels and much like the suthern angels they are adorable (if i do say so myself) and just love having someone to watch over.

This is Payton and she watches over my kitchen. Let her take you on a deliciously cyber-aromatic walk through the kitchen of a Suthern angel. While all of the recipes aren't suthern I can promise you they are all good. A little warning, these dishes can be habit forming if not addicting. Enjoy!


This little angel is Savannah and she watches over my children and the pages about them. Let her take you on a little photo and info tour about the 5 beautiful monkeys a.k.a. my kids ::grin:: that God has blessed me with. They are the light of my life even if they are crazy as can be! Oh! They aren't all suthern either!


Sweet little Jacey watches over all the wonderful people who made many of the country graphics you see on these pages. Let her take you on a tour of their web pages by following the links in the studio as well as read my thank you to each of them for working so hard to help others create beautiful web pages.


This little beauty is Christianna and she watches over all my friends. Let her take you on a visit with them. You can read about and see them (and me ::cringes and giggles::) in the guestroom. Just remember when you meet them, there is no such thing as guilty by association ::grin::


This here is Sarabeth and she is such a help to me, she watches over all my li'l adoptees. From Dragons to Pet Rocks, I have quite an eclectic family going here. Let her introduce you to all of those she watches over and maybe you will want to adopt some just like them! Each one has a link if you do. =)


Angelic Constance, so wonderful to watch over the few, and admittedly not very good, country graphics that i have made with my own little mouse. Let her take you on a very short ::grin:: look around 'cause who knows, you might see something you think isn't half bad.


Here we have Olivia, a sweet li'l helper as she keeps my awards in order and watches over them and the people who gave them to me. Let her take you on a tour of the awards I have recieved and even take a look at the pages of the sweet individuals who liked my page enough to present me with an award.

Coming soon: (ok, ok, it has said that for a year now, I'm trying! ::giggles::)...

Postcards, A Tribute to Pink Floyd,More Graphics,More Recipes and anything else I can come up with that seems interesting!