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These are my li'lones!!! They are all so adorable and sweet. I collected them from all over the web. Let me introduce you to them and tell you where you can adopt your own =)


This is Jofre, he watches over all the li'lones. He has a heart of Gold! Everyone here just loves him. He is so picky about his food! He won't let a day go by without having froot loops for breakfast!

Emooly    and   Tucker

Emooly our resident bovine and Tucker our resident goose are wonderful woobies =)...Dont let them fool you...Emooly is a Mtdew freak and Tucker will only eat chocolate Zingers and guess who gets to clean up all of their mess! Yep, you guessed it, ME!

Crimson and Clover
Crimson is a li'l wild but sweet Clover luvs him so much! They just stick together like fuzz balls will =)



Jakeybear has hugs that are one-size-fits-all =)...If you rub your nose on his I bet he will give you one =)

Willy and Jilly B. Silly
Just two cute rocks to liven up the place, Jilly talks a lot, and like any good hubby Willy just smiles smiles smiles (but we know he isnt hearing a word she is saying dont we *giggles*)

 CallieJo and Edgar and Caliope
caliope.gif CallieJo, Edgar and Caliope are patchwork pets =). CallieJo loves just sitting in the sun sipping Mtdew, Edgar is more of your Cheerwine sort of mouse and we cant seem to break him away from the t.v., if there is a Tarheel game on! Caliope is the quiet type, she will go shopping with you if you ask, just like any gal bunny will =)

Shasta and Giselle and Pandora
wyrm3.gif These are the glowyrms, they asked me to make them a dark little cozy cave so they won't keep everyone up all night so as soon as I can i'm going to try to make them one. Hopefully everyone will sleep okay in spite of them =)

Jasper and Emma and Mr. Bojangles


Jasper is the silliest old dawg around but he can read so we overlook it =). Emma is usually the
certificate.gif loud one here, always carrying on about Mr. Bojangles glasses being too big for his head! Mr. Bojangles is forever running into Emma and everything else for that matter. He has so much energy and he cant see a blasted thing with those glasses on but he says they make him look really kewl.

Morgana and Sebastian

Aren't they just tooooo adorable for words. I went to Darksbane Dragons and they begged to come home with me and I mean, with faces like theirs, could you refuse? =)

Ice and Mystic and Fauna and Sunset

Ice, Mystic, Fauna and Sunset are beautiful butterflys that followed me home. There is actually a butterfly in Panama
fire.gif that looks very much like Mystic. They all add a little color and happiness to our li'l home here!


Zoe and Aubrey

Zoe and Aubrey were raised by an 8 year old! I think she did a wonderful job and you know how bunnies are, they multiply so fast! Well, I decided I better take two girl bunnies home with me so we wouldn't start running a bunny farm here *giggles*. Zoe will only eat crunchy Cheetos (I believe she may think these are carrots!) Aubrey just laughs at Zoe while she washes back her carrots with a can of Cheerwine! Gotta love 'em!!

Dollylama and Opie and Gungadin and Socrates

Dollylama, Opie, Gungadin and Socrates are all Wicked Weebils from =).
Now these Weebils are a little different from most of the adoptees that live here (just in case you hadn't noticed *s*). I adopted them because they spoke to the rebelious side of my nature and I just think they are beyond funny! So what does a Wicked Weebil eat? So far, everything in the place! But they seem to have a unquinchable taste for Krispy Kreme doughnuts (and who doesn't *giggles*). If the place is a wreck when you get here it means they got out of their boxes again!

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