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This is Brandy, I named her after one of my bestfriends.
I chose her because purple is my favorite color.


This is Jasminn with cHarley. He is a Boxer she
is a ham =) Jasminn is a North Carolina Tarheel fan
like her mom! She also looks just like her mom...poor kid
Jasminn is almost a clone of her mom. She loves bunnies and
angels and just about anything that I do =). She is a kid
magnet, no matter the age kids just flock to her. Her little
sister Addison calls her sissy, its so cute.
She collects cherubs and bunnies and her room is full of
stuffed animals. She has a Cabbage Patch Doll collection
also. She likes Barbies and just about anything girlish. She
plays with makeup, her nani has made quite a collection
for her. She brings it to her whenever she visits. Jasminn
and her friend Christina put the makeup on each other.
Jasminn shares my love for daisies, I have them planted
in the front yard for her. Everytime I see daisies they
remind me of Jasminn and of my Grandma Poe. Daisies
were my Grandma's favorite flower also.  She also
adores sunflowers which we tried to grow but that
didn't work so well. Oh well, we will try again =)
Jasminn will be 11 on August 11th. She is in the
5th grade at Howard Elementary School in Panama.
She has one B this year and the rest A's...just like her
mom she isn't so keen on science! Jasminn made the track
team at school placing second as the fastest girl!
Way to go Jasminn! She is also playing soccer this
season so i'll keep ya updated =). She is on the Panama
swim team also. The team travels to Costa Rica and other
places to compete.
Some of Jasminn's favorite movies are:
The Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh, Beauty
and the Beast, Wild America and Sleeping Beauty.
Books she enjoys are The Box Car Children Series,
any books of Poems and also Fairytales.
To get Jasminn's views on some things:
click on the bunnies.