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This is Britta with her dad, Michael. She looks
just like him...well maybe all but the beard =) He is
the greatest dad in the world...although I let them
get away with a whole lot more stuff!
Britta loves Lions, this picture was taken in Kenya.
She also likes Carolina Tarheels, anything to do
with the movie Titanic...can you wear a cd out?
Britta plays soccer and basketball, soccer season just
started so i'll have to keep y'all updated on how they do.
She is also a Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets
and Detroit Lions fan.
Britta is 13 now so i'm still trying to adjust to her "teen"
ideas and antics. She is only one inch shorter than me which
makes her 5.5" and she already wears a bigger shoe than me!
She has seen Titanic four times now. I keep trying to tell
her that she is spending enough to buy the video but hey its her
allowance =). Some of her other favorite movies are
Little Women, Sound of Music, Cinderella,
Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty.
Some of her favorite music is : Rebecca StJames,
Steven Curtis Chapman, Big Tent Revival, Celine Dion,
and Point of Grace.
Her room is full of teddybears to which we add to at Christmas
and on her birthday which is December 28th.
Britta has made the honor roll for the entire year and
is part of the T.O.P. program at school. That stands for
 Truly Oustanding People. She was chosen Student of the Month
 for January. Way to go Britta! We are really proud
of you!!!
Some of the authors that she enjoys are C.S. Lewis,
L.M. Montgomery and Lois Gladys Leppard. Some of
her favorite books are The Horse and His Boy,
The Last Battle, The Riddle Master of Hed, Heir
to Sea and Fire, Harpest in the Wind, Anne of Avonlee,
Anne of Green Gables and The Mandie Series. Lately
all she reads is anything on the Titanic!
Some of Brittas favorite webpages are :
she chats with friends at the coffee house as SingingAngel.