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My heartfelt appreciation to those that have presented me with an award. It means so much to me that you took the time to visit my webpage and found it worthy of your award. Thank you.

My first award...received on April 3, 1998

  This award was given to me by Easton a wonderful friend of mine who thinks I have a great page....thank you Mik!!!!   Received on April 4, 1998

This award is from Dmentia, a Dmented little Thori. She gives this award to people who are new to making webpages. She also has wonderful Dragons for adoption at her website! Just click on the award to visit her page. Received April 24, 1998.

This award is from Marie a.k.a. Uma. She is from Sweden. I think this is a beautiful award and I am honored that she gave it to me. Isn't it neat how it has my name on it *giggles*. To visit her wonderful site just click on the award, its well worth the visit! Received:  May 7, 1998.

   This award is from Carol, The Angel Keeper. She adopted one of my angels and liked my page so much she presented me with this award! Click on the award to visit her me you want to visit =). This award Received: May 11, 1998.

This award is from Karen a.k.a. Cateyes, she said that I more than deserved this award! Isn't that sweet! She has a fantastic webpage, just click on the award to visit her =) This award received: May 13, 1998.

This may not be an award as such but it certainly is an honor to have been chosen! If you are looking for anything to adopt this is the place to go, there are many many links, so go give her a visit! Link of the Week for the week of May 25th.

  These awards came from Angie =). She has a beautiful webpage and several awards to apply for. I couldn't make up my mind which award I wanted so I asked her to decide *giggles*. As you can see by her awards she is really creative so give her page a go!

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