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The week of May 25th

I had so much fun adopting pets and such from all over the web I thought I would create some adoptees. I think everyone needs an angel and there just aren't any better angels than Suthern angels =). To adopt one of these angels save the one you want to your own hard drive and fill out the form to let me know you chose one or more. I'll put a link to your page as being watched over by a Suthern angel. Also please put a link back to my page so others will know where to get their own...thanks =) You can also use one of the graphics below to let others know where you got your Suthern angel.

                    angel 2                        angel 10                       angel 4                       angel 16                   angel 7
                   angel 8                        angel 12                       angel 6                        angel 3                       angel 11
                    angel 9                        angel 1                        angel 14                     angel 15                     angel 5    

Adoption Form

Your Name:

Your E-Mail:

Your URL:

The Name of your webpage?:

What will you name your angel(s)?:

Where did you find out about my webpage?:

What number angel(s) did you choose?:
If Other, please specify:

Your Comments

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