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Reunion Planning Page


Welcome to the Reunion Planning Page. Originally the page and it's linking pages were for Sunset committee's, but I've gotten a few email messages indicating people from other schools were also interested in learning how to plan a reunion. Granted much information is for the locals, but you can use it to get started too.

1970 photo of a Full Service Gas Station

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Reunion Planning Timeline 

2 Years Before the Reunion..

  • Get yourself organized
  • Dig out old address books
  • Publicity Addresses to use
  • 1 Year Before the Reunion

  • Put the Committee together
  • Start the Search & Publicity
  • Decide on which Direction to go
  • Reserve Hotel
  • Banquet Room
  • Nevada, anyone?
  • Books, Software & Misc. Stuff
  • 6 Months Before the Reunion Investigate

  • Restaurants
  • H.A.R.D. Facilities
  • Sunset high school, you bet!
  • Halls, Parks &
  • Wineries
  • Potluck or Caterers?
  • Look into Something Different
  • Collect Deposits
  • 3 Months Before the Event

  • Find a 
  • To be continued......

  •   Upcoming Reunions 
    • 1964
    • 1969
    • 1974
    • 1979
    • 1984
    • 1989
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