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June, July, August & part of September
Anyone know of where the rest of the Hayward high schools are on the web? I'm having no luck. Becky  
UPDATE on : ... thanks to your posting my message on your website, I got an e-mail Saturday from someone who did know Randy Salas back in the 60's. I have located others now also who did, and have contacted some of his family. Unfortunately, he is deceased also. I am still in the process of verifying whether or not he is indeed my birthfather, but it looks to be a very strong possibility at this point. My birthmother's sister remembered his name being Salas, that's why I gave that to you to post. She also remembers a nickname "Gigi" and Randy Salas had a brother named "Gigi". Sadly, he is also deceased. My birthmother's first husband remembered a "Randy Cooper" so I was trying to follow up on that name as well, but so far, haven't found anything other than his picture in the Mt. Eden yearbook in 1964 and 1965, but no one seems to remember anything about him, and I haven't been able to locate him now.

I have also contacted Jeanne (Smith) Martin from Mt. Eden who is in the process of coordinating the 30 year class reunion Aug. 15. She went to jr. high with my birthmom, and also remembers Randy Salas. They went to Calaroga. They are going to make an announcement for me at the class reunion. 

I am so grateful for everyone's help! Also, thanks to your posting my message, I have stayed in close contact with Judy Verhoek and she has mailed my husband and I airline passes to fly out there. We are planning a trip in September to meet everyone I have found so far. We are really excited!

I wanted to give you this latest update before you changed the message for August. I guess you should leave it as it is, or you can take off Salazar and add Cooper as a possibility, or add "Gigi" as Randy's brother.... I will leave it up to you if you want to change it.

Thank you again so much! Feel free to write back if you have questions. I know this is a little hard to follow...I have trouble keeping up with it myself sometimes, but hopefully I am almost to the end of my search.


Classes of 1988, 89 & 90 
reunion is scheduled for:
Saturday, October 17 at the Oakland City Center Marriott. 
All are invited to attend. People should call: 1-800-445-2527 with their addresses and phone numbers to ensure that they receive an invitation and reunion information. 
Class of "62"
I'm writing on behalf of Santos Rosado. We tried the web site, but it  didn't exist. She wanted to know when there would
be a class reunion for the class of "62". Please or call Santos at 925-846-1057
Thank You
Attention class of '84 (and possibly class of '83) I'm getting a reunion committee together for our 15 year class reunion (early fall 1999). Please pass the word around and e-mail me your current addresses.
UPdate: Got news for those who missed their class reunions. You have a repreive. The class of 1968 is looking for those who have not attended their class reunion. If you would like to be apart of the class of 1968's class reunion contact, Sandra Peterson Lawrence at 1968 30 yr. reunion will be held at the   
San Ramon Marriott   
at 2600 Bishop Dr.   
on Saturday,  8/1/98.  
6:30-7:30 Cocktails,  7:30-12:30 Dinner,  
Dancing & Remembering  
Cost: $55.00 per person  
Make check out to:  Sunset HS 68 Reunion   
and mail to : Sunset HS 68 Reunion  
4061 E Castro Valley Blvd. # 109  
Castro Valley, CA 94552 

he 1978/79 Committee Checked in with this Information:  
Date: September 26, 1998  
Place: Hilton Hotel  
7050 Johnson Dr.   
Pleasanton, CA  
(925) 463-8000  
No host cocktails: 7:00 PM  
Dinner: 8:00 PM  
Dancing on the tables 'til 1:00 AM  
Old/New Romance 'til ????   
Cost: Good while supplies last at the bargain price of $50.00 per ticket. ( Now  
that's a bargain)  
Rooms: Are available at the discount rate of $69.00 ( What a deal 
Class of 73
Has anyone heard anything about the class reunion for the class of 73? It should be this year. 
Haven't been able to locate a thing about it...So
if you have any information I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks for all your help. ......
Hey guys,  

I think it's time to take a vacation from the Sunset site. I have been updating this site since April 1996. 

If there is an immediate need to get a hold of me, you can contact me at:   

The only thing you will find in this space for the next 3 months will be if you have changed email addy's or reunion information. 

Information such as obit's, weddings, etc. etc. you can send to the above email addy and I will put it up sometime in September. 

Sandy Dittmer let me know that the address form wasn't working properly. Fixed it, thanks Sandy.  

Summer Vacation ImageHave a Nice Summer!! 
The word is, it's a combined class reunion for 1988, '89 & '90. Give a write and let her know you want to be on the mailing list or kept informed of reunion developments. By the way, for those of you who email Sandy Dittmer, she has a new address at:

 Don't forget to check the previous month's information, below.

New for May 1998
 Remember the May Pole in grade school?  
May Day concerts up in the Hayward Hills?   
The Collector's Coffee Shop on Mission Blvd.?  

I had heard that an arsonist set fire to Sunset, but was not sure as to what year.  I found the yearbook with the incident, photo's taken by the Daily Review.  The year 1979.  

Did you know that Sylvia Chacon ('79) is a d.j. on KYA/KFRC?  Will contact the station for official bio.  This information comes from .  Thanks Mike, every little bit of information helps this site.  

Peggy Allardyce ('71) was in the news on 15 April 1998.  Click here to read the story.  


I've retired the guestbook and started another one.  


Also put a Add-a-Link to the Alumni in Cyberspace page.

1968 30 yr. reunion will be held at the   
San Ramon Marriott   
at 2600 Bishop Dr.   
on Saturday,  8/1/98.  
6:30-7:30 Cocktails,  7:30-12:30 Dinner,  
Dancing & Remembering  
Cost: $55.00 per person  
Make check out to:  Sunset HS 68 Reunion   
and mail to : Sunset HS 68 Reunion  
4061 E Castro Valley Blvd. # 109  
Castro Valley, CA 94552 
Class  of  1973  Are you Guys having a reunion?  I'm being asked and I have no answer. 


In June, I will supply links and information about Reunion Companies to use if your facing the daunting task of putting together a reunion by yourself or with just a few people.

Guestbook Suggestion Which leads me to a suggestion by ('79) about the guestbook:   
Question - "would it be possible to add an edit button to correct our entries?  This would come in handy if people like myself continue to check out the guestbook and want to edit/update their comments or status fields some time in the future."   
Answer - At this time I am not aware of such a feature being provided by Geocities for guestbook entries.  Entries are usually edited by moi.
Supply Your Bio I have a suggestion that Ellen McPherson ('86) has taken advantage of, and that is to send me a bio or statement you would like to pass on to your former classmates and I will add it to your class page.  If you don't like the way it reads or want to make corrections, copy & paste the bio into a message, make your corrections and I'll be happy to up date your class page. 
Obit Page "Ms. Mary Quigley to the obituary page.  I saw the notice in today's, April 20th paper.  She died of cancer (a long illness) at age 74.  She was the shorthand teacher."  Shirley Howell ('77)  Anyone have the Daily Review, April 20th edition?  Search for an Adoptee's Father Scroll on down to April's monthly updates for added information about Amanda Bank's search for her father. 
Paul Alan Langston   
died suddenly on April 25, 1998 in Scottsdale, AZ of a heart attack.  He was born July 31, 1968 in Castro Valley, CA.  Paul was a longtime resident of Hayward.  He was a graduate of Sunset High School.  Paul moved to Arizona in 1994, and was an electrician for Wilson Electric.  
   He will be deeply missed.  Paul is survived by his parents Don & Josie Langston of Scottsdale, AZ.; sisters, Loretta Dodig of CA, Katrina DeMello of Rhode Island, Shamara DeMello of CA & Michelle Dodig of CA;  brothers, Gary Langston of AZ, Michael Dodig of Indiana, & Gary Langston of CA;  grandmother, LaVerne DeMello of CA and many loving friends.  
  Visitation will be held Thursday from 5 to 8 pm at Grissom's San Lorenzo Chapel, 267 E. Lewelling Blvd., San Lorenzo.  The Vigil is at 7pm that evening.  The Funeral Mass will be held at St. Johns Church, Friday at 10 am.  Burial will follow at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.  
(Daily Review, April 29, 1998)
Please consider telling someone in your family that upon your death, you would like organs donated to those who are in need.   


Photo's of Your Pet(s)  I would really like to start a photo album of your pets.  I will start it off by posting photos of my pets in the June issue.  


A Teacher's Where abouts  Anybody have Maxine Hong-Kingston for a teacher in 1965?  Well I found an article about her. Enjoy...  


Obit Poem Anyone know or have an obit poem for the obituary page?  Please

Those Links.... If I goofed and didn't catch a link that's not going any where, let me know.   


April 1998 

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sunset site. This site has been up since 22 April, 1996!  


Okay, I broke down and bought space from geocities. We now, have 20 mbs to work with and a shorter url. Url is now:   


Would you like to be a Site Sponsor?  
A Sponsor's page identifying you as a sponsor  to the site will be created.  How can you become a sponsor?  
Easy.  All you have to do is contribute to the monthly cost by sending a check for $4.95 to keep this site up and going. There is further information below in the month of March.  


And I thought I was done updating the site. With more space available, I have started creating subdirectories to keep track of certain types of pages. If you click on a link and it leads no where, then I'm in the process of updating and moving files into a subdirectory. Please be patient, more construction dust.  


The first page to receive yet another face lift is the obit page, which is now quite a few pages. Please, if you can help with further information regarding people in the obituary section, let us know.  


1963 Reunion Representative Karen Minton Ross 2433 Sequoia Dr. Antioch, Ca 94509 925.756.1266 Fax:  925.778.3550  Karen isn't on the web, but she did find out about the cable ad  I run and called.   


The 1978/79 Committee Checked in with this Information:  
Date: September 26, 1998  
Place: Hilton Hotel  
7050 Johnson Dr.   
Pleasanton, CA  
(925) 463-8000  
No host cocktails: 7:00 PM  
Dinner: 8:00 PM  
Dancing on the tables 'til 1:00 AM  
Old/New Romance 'til ????   
Cost: Good while supplies last at the bargain price of $50.00 per ticket. ( Now  
that's a bargain)  
Rooms: Are available at the discount rate of $69.00 ( What a deal )  

I know I know where do i sign up???  

Checks made payable to:  
Bob Baptiste c/o   
863 Bonita Ave.  
Pleasanton, CA. 94566  

Contact: (925) 846-0300 Day   (925) 484-1633 Night  
I work out of my house feel free to during the day.   


Happy 2nd Birthday, you all have contributed towards this site and deserve three cheers for keeping the spirit of Sunset hs alive!  

I receive allot of spam, but this message is different and worth reading. It was forwarded onto me by Mick  Caracol.  
Please take a few minutes to read the message and maybe you have a clue to this puzzle.   


From: banks <Date: Monday, March 16, 1998 1:12 PM   
Subject: Randy - 1967 Alumni  

Hello! Allow me a minute to tell you about myself and see if you are able to help me.   
My name is Amanda Banks and I now reside in the Kansas City, MO area. I was, however, born in Oakland on December 26, 1964. I was born to a 14 year old girl and subsequently placed for adoption. I am now trying to locate my birth parents. I have been in touch with some of my birth mother's family, only to discover she was killed 12 years ago. 

I am now trying to find my birth father. All I know at this time is that his  name is Randy Salazar or Salas  and was from Hayward, CA. Also, Randy's father was a traffic officer back then, which I have now learned most likely means California Highway 
Patrol. Perhaps that would be another clue for someone. 

I am now trying to get in touch with people from the different high schools in Hayward to see if anyone would have old yearbooks and could look to see if he appears. He was fairly tall for his age, slender, brown hair, brown eyes, and possibly Italian descent. He was in the 10th grade at the time of my birth. My birth mother's name was Vikki Downey and she was in the 9th grade, possibly at Mt. Eden High School, but went on to graduate from Newark. I checked with Mt. Eden first and haven't had any luck there for "Randy" so I am now trying the other high schools. If you can help me in any way, either by looking in old yearbooks or by giving me someone else to contact, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for your time and any assistance you might offer.

   FYI: The area code for Pleasanton, Livermore, etc. is now 925 


Oh yeah, the site finally made it into the Daily Review.  Just a little blurb attached to a 1988/'89 reunion hunt.  It's getting there, might even get an article written about  it.  

New for March 1998
my new logo? Well, here we are in March and without a job. uugghh! Click on the maybe new Logo and visit my personal site. The on line resume is located there. My site has sorely been neglected and needs to be up dated.

You may have noticed that the Class Pages are in another location within Geocities. This is due to space constraints. Geocities lets you have 3 mbs of space for free. That's very nice of 'em.   

I am breaking down and will purchase 15 mbs 20 mbs of space from Geocities for a year at the cost of $59.40. If you dear Alumni would like to keep and enlarge the site, to add more images and history to the site, you can contribute as little as $4.95 a month.  

There are many advantages to having a Geoplus site:  

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If you would like to expand the site here are some options:  
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Since I will be sending a check, it will take a while before the new url and added options will be available. if your interested in contributing.

The Obit page is being updated and will be more refined, when done. It's a work in progress, actually had to stop and work on resume.

Class Reunion for 1978 & 1979. Plan to attend the '78 & '79 reunion at the Pleasanton Hilton Hotel on the 26th of September. A No Host bar will open at 7 pm, followed by dinner at 8pm. Cost for tickets are $50.00 a person. If you are interested in attending, contact Bob Quenzel in Stockton at   
1988 & 89 will be holding their reunion in October of this year.  If you want to put your 2 cents in, there will be a meeting on 28 March, 1:00 pm in the Sunset Library.  
Ok, everybody in unison, chant: PARTY, PARTY, toga, toga, PARTY!!!  Like the Nike commercial says: "JUST DO IT!" First alumni committee meeting will be held 14 March, Sunset Library, 11:00 am.  If you want to attend please and let me know.  Follow up information will be posted on the Reunion Planning Page.  
Okay, I had to put the Geoguide at the top of the index page.  But i had to do it in order to get the Sunset banner in the Geoguide loop.  Sadly, it will have to stay at the top of the page. 
The site has won AWARDS, yeeeaaa!  Please visit the sites that have given us awards.  They are nice sites to visit, honest.  
New for February 1998
  , reports that she is "working toward securing a National Day of Remembrance for The Missing, and would like it to be January 4, Christine's birthday.  She is the original impetus, and the focus should be on life."   
 Judy has been a true and loyal friend to Christine Eastin. The Sunset site will be happy to publish any information regarding a National Day of Remembrance for The Missing.  XXOOXX's  for Judy.  
This month we have information for the class of 1968.  1978 & '79 are supposed to be planning their reunion, but we have not heard anything.  
1988 & '89 reunion committee  is holding a meeting on the 15th of Feb. at Applebee's at Southland Mall, 1:00 pm.    1983 is combining it's reunion with 1982.  

The question has been posed, is 1974 having a reunion?  If so, so that I can put the information up as one of our alumni has to travel from the Carolina's to California. 

The Reunion Planning Page has more information to help plan your reunion and more is on the way. Check out the  Reunion Planning Page  for further information. 

I will be in attendance at Applebee's Restaurant on the 15th of Feb., at 1:00 pm.  Now, is your chance to drop off a hard copy of your missing classmate's list, bring your yearbooks for scanning,  photos you want scanned, give me an earful about the Sunset site or ideas to improve it.    
We will be throwing out ideas and information about holding a reunion, so you don't have to be in 1988 or '89's class to participate.  If your class held it's reunion last year, please come and give us ideas and share your experiences with us.  
Excitement is in the air.  The Class Pages are evolving and taking on a different look.  '60s pages are done, now working on the '70s.                Remember when?  Go see for yourself.   
  There is a Java Calendar, on the site and you can add whatever you would like to it. Birthdays, anniversaries, committee meetings, reunion party dates. Whatever you like.  
  The Committee Do's & Don't Page is back.  A page of information for those who have NEVER started or worked on their class reunion.  Both pages are linked on the Reunion Planning Page.  
Exciting News - Yes the Alumni CAN rent the Sunset facilities for an Alumni Party.    
Classroom $5.00, Multipurpose Room $15.00, Staff Dining Room, Gym (H.A.R.D.), Other $?.   
  Utilities are prorated ___ hours @ $1.25 per hour.  
(Food Service employee will be billed separately by Child Nutrition Services Department)   
  Custodian  (min) 2 hours @ $20.00 per hour = $____  
More information to follow.  
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