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Sunset is Struck by an Arsonist.

Principal Larry Ratto inspects damage done to the gym form the fire on March 6th.
Arson Fire at Sunset high school
While workers clean up after the March 13th fire in A-7 Principal Ratto and Superintendent Dr. Bushnell survey the damage.

A Negative Recollection of a Fire

The charred, burnt smell  
Of plastic, linoleum, and insulation 
The ruined years of work 
With the Weapon of inflamation 

The black and stink 
That fills the morning air 
As we look upon this 
With bleak despair 

"Burn! Burn!"  is the pyro's thinking 
And we must suffer through hiw way 
Frustration, irritation, and depression 
But someday the pyro will pay 

We shuffle through the damage 
To salvage what we can 
A record here, a picture there
Part of man's inhumanity to man 

Prometheus stole this useful magic 
From the Gods of Greece 
And taught man its ways of use 
If only he could see through the ages 
How much fire has suffered from abuse. 

-Melinda Garrido-
Another arson shot
Another Shot of the Arsonist's work.
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