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Sunset Banner
Following this banner are photos of the Sunset Alumni Room at Hayward Adult School, formerly known as Sunset hs.  Yep, we gotta a room and anything and everything that pertains to our classes history is being placed in this room. 
We can check out items from the room, for use with our class reunions.  A scanner is available to scan photos.
 The best or most interesting images are available for viewing and copying for use on your own site or for memory books you maybe creating for your class.  Please either link or give credit where credit is due.
Memorium to Gail Swinehart
Trish Clampitt Eye's Graphics for Sunset Banners.
 Falcon 1  Falcon 3  Falcon 4
1970's Advertisement of Union Gas Station on Meekland Ave
sunset button
Special thanks to Mary who runs the computer room across from the Sunset Alumni Room for using the digital camera to create these images for all to see.
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