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El Nino '98

Rain, Rain go away, come again some other day.

Wishful thinking. Is everybody okay? Or are you under threat of floating away? Let us know whats going on. Email us as to how your doing.

19-Feb-98 12:43:39 PM Pacific Standard Time

1997 Flood Reports

Brian Maier ('71)

Flood Zone Gardnerville, Nevada

Brian wanted to let you know they are okay, no flood problems for him, just made life exciting for wife Toni, as she works for a local hotel that had a lot of the evaccuees brought in. They were isolated several days in their neighborhood by the river, but it has retreated and now other than some roads closed, things are back to normal for all of us. Brian Maier.


News from Lathrop From: [removed]

Im writing from the tiny little city know as Lathrop, which is just east of Tracy CA.
To my knowledge, the following Sunset alumni live in this city. They are: myself: Irene Martinez- Esperson ('86) Tammy McClaine (new last name but don't know what it is - '86) Lee Diaz ('85(?) and Robert Anderson ('86) and his wife Michelle Greene-Anderson ('86) right now we are not in danger, however the levee about 2 miles west of us, is being reinforced to hopefully prevent a break.  
The possibility that the levee might break has caused local officials to build a dirt wall underneath the freeway overpass about a mile away from our homes. It's pretty scary right now, because no one knows if this makeshift wall will work, and one section of the levee broke at 1:00 am this morning. Hope it turns out ok, but we're just keeping our fingers crossed and bags packed for now!  

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