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Meet the Staff --
    We do have a staff of sorts.  The following Alumni have volunteered their time assisting in the creation and maintenance of this site (unpaid, of course.)  If you would like to contribute to this site you too will become part of this esteemed staff.

Lisa Chan Bower ('81)
    Lisa is married to Steve Bower,  a former Sunset teacher.  Steve is now at Hayward High School.  Lisa is our official go between teacher and grad.  Ask Lisa and she'll find out about your favorite teacher.

Joel Byford ('90)
    Joel is the site's handy man, he's our technical support.  If there is a technical question, Joel has the answer;  plus he is in charge of the class of 1990's page.  Joel is also the guy in charge of developing a database for the site in the future.

Trish Clampitt Eye ('70)
    Trish designed the homepage look for the Sunset site.  Trish also created the new Sunset Buttons for use on your homepage. Trish has taken over the 1970 class page.   Trish found another site to create class pages, as of this writing you will find class pages for 1967, 1968, 1969,  & 1970.
    Trish will be happy to create a page for your class.  Look at the above pages she created to get an idea of what you would like to say on your class page and she will create a unique page.  Trish will be replacing my old class pages with her new ones.

Lesley Kim ('88)
    Lesley has  worked with Stanford University alumni, setting up many reunions.  Lesley is taking over General Reunion Information and will write an advice column to answer your questions regarding successful reunions.
    Contact Lesley if you have any news you would like share with the class of 1988.

Brian Maier ('71)
    Brian is a network unto himself.  I watched a woman die on "A" Street a while back.  A month later in a conversation with Brian, I mentioned the incident and the Daily Review article about her.  He already knew!!  Brian lives in Nevada and I lay odds, he knows what's going on down here in the bay area before you or I.
    I know for sure that Brain wants to hear from you if you have gossip or information you would like to share with  1971 grads.

Rebecca Oliver ('71)
    I created this site in 1996, now it's time to let go of some of the responsibility.  My goal for 1998 is to maintain the site and have you dear reader, contribute.
    I will continue to scan the TCI community channel for reunion information, post this site on the channel,  post the question "Is Your Class having a Reunion?" Take phone inquiries regarding this site and reunion information for those that call.  I will also seek out rental & deposit information for reunion parties and add information to the site as required.
    And last, but not least periodically haunt the people search engines looking for sunset Alumni who have not found the Sunset site.  (This is probably how I found you.)
    Finally, to win an award for this site, with the help of the staff who contribute so much to this group effort.

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Scott Oliver ('80)
    Scott is my quite brother and fine artist. Scott is working on an animated Sunset Logo.  One never stops learning and Scott  is learning a great deal by creating a new logo.
    Scott is redoing the LinkExchange banner and the Geocities banner for this site.  So if you should encounter one of the banners, please click thru before continuing on your web journey.

Joe Vargas ('71)
    Joe is a man of many thoughts and he has volunteered to contribute some articles in the near future.  I hope you find his writings as interesting as I have found his conversation.

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