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Buttons to Link Back Here

    Here are two different buttons you can add to your homepage.  You will need to place your cursor over the image and click the right mouse button.  A menu screen will appear and either "copy" to your hard drive or "Save Image As" to your hard drive.
 Copy and paste the coding below the button into the page of your choice.  (Don't use Netscape to edit this into your page or it will look like the below example.  You can use your notepad or a different editor to do this.)

Sunset Alumni Button

<! --- copy & paste, starting on the next line --- !>

<CENTER><a href=""><img src="sunset-but.gif" height=50 width=99></a></CENTER>
  <! --- Stop Copy & Paste ---- !>

Sunset button  

<! --- copy & paste, starting on the next line --- !>  
<CENTER><a href=""><img src="sunset-but2.gif" height=38 width=84></a></CENTER>
  <! --- Stop Copy & Paste ---- !>

Sunset hs button
Sunset High School Alumni 1997, 1998 

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