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Carel Struycken, the man who played THE BRUTE, Mr. Mustard's sidekick, is in "MEN IN BLACK." He played the Arquillan that Edgar killed in the restaurant and Agents J & K were examining at the morgue.
Heartland USA is actually the Courthouse Square at Universal Studios in Hollywood. Watch "GREMLINS," "BACK TO THE FUTURE," or "ESCAPE FROM L.A." to compare Heartland City Hall to Hill Valley Courthouse (among others).
The "Because"/Father Sun sequence runs differently on video than it does on television. The scene itself is the same, but the vocals are straight from the soundtrack, where all the voices blend, rather than Alice's standing out so much.
Paul Nicholas, the greedy Dougie Shears, recorded a disco LP on RSO Records. He had a moderate hit with "Heaven on the Seventh Floor."
Donald Pleasence's character is called B. D. Hoffler in the movie, but is referred to as B. D. Brockhurst most every place else, including the credits.
Of the nearly 30 songs on the soundtrack, only three charted in the Top 40, and of those three, only one involved the Bee Gees at all. Earth Wind & Fire were the big winners, hitting #9 with "Got to Get You Into My Life." Robin Gibb's "Oh! Darling" peaked at #15, which (surprisingly) surpassed Aerosmith's #23 showing with "Come Together."
KISS was originally wanted for the Future Villain Band, but they were afraid it would hurt their image. They declined, and Aerosmith took their place instead. KISS went on to that blockbuster (*wink*) "KISS Meets the Phanton of the Park."
After appearing in the film, Aerosmith had a major career drought and never touched the Top 40 again until 1987, a decade later. This cannot be completely blamed on the movie, though (see KISS above). By Aerosmith's own admission, their downward spiral came about from their drug habits spinning out of control. Perhaps this had something to do with their involvement in the film to begin with. I mean, really, what self-respecting hard rock band willingly volunteers to a duel to the death versus the Bee Gees? Read more about this in their book "
Walk This Way."
Frankie Howerd (Mr. Mustard) appeared in a scene from the Beatles' "Help!" that ended up on the cutting room floor.
Steve Martin made his film debut with this movie, though in interviews, he refers to "The Jerk" as his first film. "...I was born a poor black child..."

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