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All these desriptions are exactly as they appear on the trading cards (as are the numbers). Any misspellings, mistakes, or inability to acurately describe the corresponding picture is 100% not my fault! You can lay blame on those boneheads at either Donruss (distributers of the cards), or the Stigwood Group, Ltd. If the caption is surrounded by [brackets], that means that there was no description, and that I had to come up with something on my own. Enjoy!

1) Sandy Farina as Strawberry Fields
2) Barry Gibb as Mark Henderson
3) At the Benefit for Heartland
4) The LHCB receives a wire from B.D.
5) George Burns & the LHCB at the Benefit
6) Mr. Kite dancing in Heartland
7) The Bee Gees as they appear in the LHCB
8) In costume to board the balloon
9) Paul Nicholas as Dougie Shears
10) Robin Gibb performing in Heartland
11) Posing in front of the Heatland Museum
12) Heartland's hot air balloon
13) Peter Frampton as Billy Shears
14) George Burns as Heartland's Mayor, Mr. Kite
15) Dr. Maxwell Edison
16) [The LHCB steals the tuba back from Father Sun]
17) Heartland has become Sin City
18) Battle between LHCB & future villains
19) B.D. & Lucy ready to meet the LHCB
20) Strawberry looks on as Billy performs
21) LHCB cutting their first record
22) Clowns at the benefit
23) The original Sgt. Pepper's LHCB
24) The Grand Finale
25) The Henderson Brothers
26) Dougie presents the instruments to the museum
27) The grand life style at B.D.'s mansion
28) LHCB record their demo record
29) Maurice Gibb as Bob Henderson
30) Billy Preston as the Sgt. Pepper weathervane
31) LHCB in B.D.'s oversized limosine
32) [Farina, the Bee Gees, & some dude on set]
33) Billy Shears & Strawberry Fields

34) B.D. Brockhurst with some of the LHCB
35) Starting the balloon chase
36) Steve Martin as the mad Dr. Maxwell Edison
37) The Sgt. Pepper weathervane comes to life
38) At the Benefit Concert
39) Lucy as chauffeur for the LHCB in B.D.'s limo
40) Mean Mr. Mustard in his van
41) LHCB at the Benefit
42) Leaving Heartland
43) Maurice Gibb performing in Heartland
44) Father Sun's Temple of Electric Cosmology
45) The LHCB & the Future Villains
46) Maurice Gibb as Bob Henderson
47) "Lucy in the Sky" production number
48) Recording for B.D. Records
49) The Benefit Parade
50) The parade for the Benefit
51) Mr. Mustard stealing the instruments
52) Sgt. Pepper dies at ceremonies in his honor
53) [LHCB in Heartland Town Square]
54) Funeral Procession for Strawberry Fields
55) Future Villains
56) The LHCB in concert
57) Billy Shears
58) Preston, the weathervane, sings "Get Back"
59) B.D. Brockhurst with some of the LHCB
60) Aerosmith as the Future Villains
61) Donald Pleasance as B.D., the record mogul
62) Dianne Steinberg as Lucy
63) Heartland after Mr. Mustard takes over
64) Peter Frampton as Billy Shears
65) A LHCB concert
66) B.D. Brockhurst played by Donald Pleasance

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