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I love this movie. But many people might ask: Why dedicate a whole fan site to a film many people regard as one of the 70's biggest mistakes (oft mentioned above Watergate as one of the decades hugest debacles)? Because personally, I appreciate and love it, I had a scanner, I have fond memories of being 8 (when it came out), and it makes me happy, that's why! While all my little friends were running around wanting to be Strawberry cuz she was Peter Frampton's girl, I wanted to be Lucy (Dianne Steinberg). I'm convinced she has subliminally guided my path to womanhood! First, she steals Billy away from Strawberry, then she gets all the good songs, all the good drugs, and her costumes were FAR superior to Strawberry's! BTW, if anyone wants to cast me(a link to my headshot and résumé) as Lucy in an update of the movie, PLEASE contact me immediately! WARNING! This is not an invitation for anyone to get any cute ideas! If you want to contact me about the site, the movie, or anything that is not acting-job-related, e-mail me. If you want to contact me about a LEGITIMATE acting job, you can use any method of contact I've made available. But, as my résumé disclaimer says, if I don't know you or your company, you will not hear back from me. Got suggestions? Lay 'em on me (via E-MAIL!). Got any other bright ideas? There are plenty of adult sites on the net to suit your needs. This is a family site, let's keep it that way. Sorry if this seems a little heavy-handed, but I honestly do get the odd voice mail from someone who actually expects that I am going to meet them in person or something. Some people just don't understand.

I'm sure you all have a good excuse for coming here, so, whatever it is, you can leave it here. That's my e-mail address, so if you've got any comments, questions, or want to share your horror that I would actually invest this much time and energy into this flick, lemme know. Or, if you run a page that you think would link well to this one (a Peter Frampton page, Bee Gees site?), write me and we'll work out a link exchange of some description. Or, write me if you have any memorabilia from this movie that you would like to sell. I'm always on the lookout for original costumes, props, books, glossies, t-shirts, posters, buttons, any "official" paraphernalia from the flick. Write me, we'll negotiate!

I was about to be bummed out that I was no longer able to link to the Polydor site, where I used to have a link to the:

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that THEY LINKED TO ME from their Official Site! I am still in shock! Reason #468 why I love these guys!

I've divided the information section into the following categories:

General Info: VHS cover copy, running time, book liner notes, and links to other sites' listings for Sgt. Pepper 1978.
Movie Trivia: Little bits of information that you might not have known. I'm sure you'll find a surprise or two.
Articles: Warning, this page is kinda long! But, not to worry, I've anchored it so you don't have to scroll through the whole thing to get to the article you want. It's also contains some adult language. It's articles from the likes of Rolling Stone, among others, most of which was published when the film first came out. You can hear the raspberries from here...
Gaffes: A few goofs and glitches that slipped by the continuity people! See how many you can spot before you read this!

I would like to thank Clark Collis, Joe Blevins, Jon Acello, Dan Williams, Patrick Brogan, and anyone else I forgot to mention (sorry!) for their tireless assistance in compiling this information. They saved me a bunch of research, not to mention typing! If you have some (verifiable and useful) info to share, and you think it could find a home here, please write me. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I do not have permission to run most of this material. It is for entertainment purposes only.

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