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Phoenix New Times, "Pepper Spray"[current article on Pepperdom], 7/23-29/98: It was 20 years ago this week that Sgt. Pepper dropped a bomb on movie theaters, so where's all the rerelease hoopla?

Phoenix New Times, Wouldn't You Like to Be a Pepper, Too?": The Beatles' landmark Sgt. Pepper album cover provided us with a host of luminaries from the universally recognized to the unknown and esoteric. EXTRA! Includes a link to a ".mov" movie file of the finale!

Phoenix New Times, "The Original Spice Girls":The Sgt. Pepper movie wasn't all sugar and spice and all things nice to its female lead roles. EXTRA! Includes sound clips from Dianne, Sandy, and Stargard!

Phoenix New Times, "Go E-Mail Alice": Not all the participants in the Sgt. Pepper movie are unwilling to talk about the experience. Alice Cooper, about to embark on a tour, was gracious enough to answer our e-mail of infrequently asked questions (that's IFAQ in e-mailese) concerning his involvement in this historically bad film.

Rolling Stone, 12/30/76: early report on the movie's cast

Rolling Stone, "Random Notes" 2/9/78: Alice Cooper, once one of rock's more infamous boozers, is back in action after four months of sobering up in a New York sanitarium [and he throws a party].

NY Times, "Inventing a Plot for "Sgt. Pepper" 7/15/78: How do you write a motion picture entitled "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"? That was the problem I had to solve when producer Robert Stigwood asked me to do...

Rolling Stone, "Sgt. Pepper Gets Busted" 10/5/78: a scathing review of the soundtrack LP upon release

Rolling Stone, "Al Coury owns Number One" 10/5/78

Rolling Stone, "Earthly Angels: How the Bee Gees talk dirty and influence people" 5/17/79: [Robin Gibb] is very critical of both the film and soundtrack album, saying that the project was "too innocent for these times." What did he mean by that?

People Online, "Rock and Roll Hall of Shame", recent: Rock flops on film: Before there was MTV there were -- echh -- rock movies.

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