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Frampton, Bee Gees, Aerosmith, Cooper, EWF, Martin...


A Splendid Time is Guaranteed for All

Sgt. Pepper CD

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Yes, kids, you can now own a copy of George Burns singing "Fixing a Hole" in LIVING DIGITAL STEREO SOUND! You could also be the proud owner of full-color pictures and inane promotional propaganda! The longer I have this site, the more I am amazed at the products I find!
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Will the fun ever end!?!! (Let's hope not!)

Wanna see my awards? Yep, someone actually thinks this is all worthwhile!


Why did I do this? This is where you can find out general information, trivia, gaffes, and read articles about the film.

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Pictures & Trading Cards
The Pictures section has an image map of the LP gatefold (with close ups for every picture), lobby cards, and glossies (with a link to my trading card collection)! Whoohoo! But I warn you, this page is GRAPHICS INTENSIVE, so please be patient.
Click here to go directly to the Trading Cards (also includes close-ups for each card). A text version of this page is also here.


The Plot (Multimedia!)
The whole story, copied verbatim from the movie , with sound links and pictures.

Cast & Crew
You'll be surprised, I assure you. All the credits (and I do mean ALL). Includes "Our Guests at Heartland," a veritable Who's Who of the 70's. Where Tina Turner meets Carol Channing (and Wolfman Jack, and Sha-Na-Na, and Leif Garret, and...)!

Song List & Musician Info
Did you know that Jeff Beck contributed to this Soundtrack? Click here to discover other treasures (George Martin, Tower of Power), plus, a link to AMG's entry for the soundtrack. BUY THE CD!

8-mHz and zipped 22-mHz WAVs of (what I found to be) the most clippable stuff (suggestions are welcome, but not necessarily encouraged!). Also, links to software for using these files, when necessary.


Yes, this page is indeed about "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band," the 1978 movie starring George Burns. Looking for the Beatles? If you feel that you've arrived at this page in error, please accept my apologies for having you end up here. Where you really want to be is here. This is a link to a fairly comprehensive page about the Beatles' genius "concept" album of 1967. Or, you could link to CDnow's Beatles discography, so you can experience the magic for yourself. Yes, I really do adore the Beatles, first and foremost. In fact, when I was in junior high, you could say I was fairly obsessed! So, I do have the upmost respect for the original, it's just that I also possess an acute sense of CAMP! This page here is a salute to the indulgence that taints the 70's, the only state of mind from which this movie could come. To find out more about why I did this, click here.

Oh, and just so's you know, I have not gotten legal permission to reprint much of this information (aside from the graciousness of the Polydor site - muchos gracias!, and select others), though it hasn't been for lack of trying. I'd like to take this moment to thank the Internet Movie Database, the All-Movie Guide, All-Music Guide, CineMedia, Vinnie at Polydor, and the Steve Martin Movie page, among many others (that means you, Phoenix New Times!), for all their assistance in linking to and from this site, and generally making this site possible. Big thanks to Patrick Brogan and Jon Acello for their help and enthusiasm. A big kiss and special honors go to international journalist Clark Collis, who interviewed me for an upcoming issue of MOJO Magazine UK (never fear, intrepid readers, I will include all information he will allow from his tireless Pepper research). Many others won't give me the time of day, like a few search engines, and MCA Home Video, who owns this little gem of a movie (at least the video rights). So please, don't copy stuff from this site, get in trouble, and then blame me for it. They haven't given me that right. I'm a fan, okay? So just go on about this site and mind your P's and Q's! Sheesh!

(plus geocities archive) have arrived to experience the tackiness!

Color Pepper Heart

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